HELP! new nurse! foot question!!

  1. I am a new RN starting orientation. I currently wear Nike sneakers but I find my feet and knees start to hurt after a few hours non stop standing/ walking. What are some good sneakers for long days on your feet? Also, thinking of wearing compression stockings, are they usual? do they work? Any information is appreciated!!!
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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    Nikes don't offer good support. What you need is a shoe that offers you good support. Be willing to spend money on a good shoe -- it's worth it. Your back, your knees, your hips will thank you.

    Danskos offer good support and are made for someone who is on their feet. Birkenstocks also offer good support. Personally, I loved Danskos and hate the way Birkenstocks feel, so you'll have to choose the shoe that works for YOU. Take some time to visit "The Walking Company" or some similar store where they sell good brands, will measure your feet and will work with you until they come up with something that works for you. Some folks swear by Alegerias (I know I've spelled that wrong), but they didn't work for me. When my bunion made Danskos uncomfortable, I went to Keen hiking shoes. You may benefit from an orthotic as well, but those (and the visit to the podiatrist) are the most pricey option, so I'd try a good pair of supportive shoes first.
  4. by   retiredmednurse
    Soon into my nursing career, I was having foot pains wearing the old-fashion nursing shoes. The doc recommended a pair of running shoes with good impact heel support. Since that day, I got Nike air max running shoes and didn't have the problem again. With air max, one is literally walking on a pressurized air cushion. But buy them only if they are comfortable on your feet. If they are not comfortable, try a different pair. I even walked in the mall hall outside of the store where there is no carpeting to be sure. There is NO needed breaking-in period with sport shoes.
  5. by   nightowldaydreamer
    I feel your pain! The shoes I bought in nursing school were absolutely horrible on my feet, especially in the later semesters when our clinical days lengthened. I experienced relief of knee pain more so when I began to wear compression stockings, and you can also look up exercises to strengthen your inner and outer thigh muscles and hamstrings. I am working on a year wearing my first pair of Danskos; they took a while to break in but I love how the recessed heel keeps your back in alignment and how they are easy to wipe down after a messy shift. They are also pretty readily available, I have even begun to see them in department stores. Hope you get some relief!
  6. by   NurseSpeedy
    Fractured the ball of my foot running with Nike's. Worst shoes ever.

    Ecco makes a good running shoe but Brooks are cheaper and I have found them to actually be more comfortable after running around the floor all day. Support stocking make me sweat but after my fracture I did notice that when I absolutely had to wear them they made a big difference.
  7. by   llg
    Nurses are obsessed with their feet -- with good reason. You'll find that everyone has their favorite brand or style that works best for them. You are just going to have to try some on to find a good shoe to try -- and you might not find the best ones for you right away. You may have to buy a few pair and experiment over time. Compression socks/stockings can help.

    Here's another suggestion given to me by an orthopedist. Change shoes mid shift. That's right. Don't stick to just one pair of shoes. No matter how wonderful they are, each pair of shoes puts the pressure of your weight onto certain parts of your feet and that transmits up your legs. When you change shoes, you "mix it up" and spread the weight/pressure around to different pressure points. If you have a locker, wear one pair of shoes to work and switch to the other pair mid-shift. At the very least, don't wear the same shoes every day. That switching has helped me greatly. I've had a few friends scoff at the idea -- until they tried it.