Dr. Scholl's from Walmart? Really?

  1. I decided to wear all white for Career Day at the elementary school where I work, and as I was getting dressed, I noticed my NurseMates looked dingy next to the stark white. No time to wash and have them 100% dry, so I dashed into Walmart and grabbed one of the only solid white tennis shoes I saw, a pair of Dr. Scholl's walking shoes. OMG these are so comfortable! I am totally shocked! And they were only $20.00

    Has anyone worn these for work? Granted, I am not on my feet for 12 hours like I was in my hospital days, but so far these feel amazing on my feet. Really good arch support and roomy toe box. My feet are wide and the regular width fits great. I am just curious if anyone has discovered these yet and what the input it. I am wondering how they will hold up, being rather inexpensive.

    (Note, these are NOT the rocker-type soles like Shapeups knock offs...they are just regular looking white walking shoes.) ETA: here are the exact shoes http://www.walmart.com/ip/Dr.-Scholl...ndingMethod=rr
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  3. by   CJMW3311
    When I was in the Navy I was allowed to wear non-uniform shoes while pregnant and I wore a pair of black Dr. Scholl's. SO COMFORTABLE ALL DAY! But of course now I can't find them anywhere in white.
  4. by   ssalulu
    I have a pair and agree that they are really comfortable.
  5. by   tex42cares
    I bought a pair for CNA school... $20.00 and yes they are comfortable !! i love the way the heel feels
  6. by   me1017chan
    i have 2 pairs of dr scholls, both are very comfortable! i alternate pairs and bought insoles so that way they last longer, and the nurses at work can't believe my shoes were so inexpensive and comfy! i recommend them to everyone, mine are almost 2yrs old and going strong. they look a little goofy with the velcro closures but that's ok with me
  7. by   nursingcares
    Yes I had the same ones for clinicals and loved them! Lasted so much longer than the nurse mates I just threw in the trash..
  8. by   GadgetRN71
    I will be hitting my local Walmart tomorrow for these shoes..