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:wavey: I just read an article in the Miami Herald about these shoes. The reporter wore them for 1 month and wrote an article for each week. They help reduce cellulite --She lost 1" from each of her... Read More

  1. by   Shayrey
    I am also starting nursing school next week and looking for a good pair of shoes. I am willing to buy the MBT's but can anyone tell me how long they will last? I plan on wearing them for clinicals only.
  2. by   rngolfer53
    Quote from WhichOldWitch?
    I just read an article in the Miami Herald about these shoes. The reporter wore them for 1 month and wrote an article for each week. They help reduce cellulite --She lost 1" from each of her thighs!!!! Yep! One month and she lost 1" on one thigh and more than 1" on the other! Says her pants are fitting her better . They also help with posture and backache.

    The huge drawback is the pricetag $250!!!!
    They are kind of funky looking, with a rocker type bottom. I think I will go try on a pair and see how they feel..

    Anyway, I would love to hear about anyone's experiences with these.

    I checked out their website....
    Very interesting..

    I wear them, and they are quite comfortable. I don't know of any reason why they would lead to weight loss, but they do improve posture and thus improve backache.

    I also bought another pair for general use, walking the dog, etc. I can't ever let a former girlfriend know about how much I spent on shoes...:chuckle

    They are expensive, but you can have the company re-sole them pretty inexpensively, which should make the shoes' lifetime cost pretty reasonable. I've had mine since last July, and they are still very comfortable, which isn't the case for running shoes, etc.
  3. by   FLOBRN
    i have worn MBT's for 2 years. They got rid of my hip and foot pain. I did NOT lose dress sizes just by wearing these shoes. That is a bunch of "hooey".
  4. by   GreentigerRN
    LOVE THEM!!!
    I am very tall and my back is usually very sore at the end of a long night. It was the same in my retail job before becoming a nurse.
    If you follow the directions about how to walk in them you can feel your legs working as you walk (this is how I think some people are losing inches). If you walk correctly it feels like a massage on your feet. At the end of my shift my back is not sore and my feet don't hurt.
    I will warn you - they are hideous and expensive but you will love them like the ugliest dog in the world.
  5. by   patientadv
    I purchased the MBT- sapatu. I have to admit they aren't the most attractive nursing shoes and my reasons for purchasing them wasn't to lose weight. I purchased them because I was getting back pain from standing on my feet for so long (ICU).
    They've made a HUGE difference on my back and interestingly enough my feet don't feel as fatigued.

    I purchased a second pair because they were phasing the Sapatu's out for a newer stylish set of clogs.

    I tried the new Allegria's as well-- turned around and Ebay'ed it the next day!

    Good luck!
  6. by   Shannalynn
    Realize this thread is old... I just purchased my first pair of mbts Friday. They are super cute, pink and gray, well... I say super cute... Super cute in nursing shoe terms...
    Drawback was the 279.00 price tag but as a previous poster said the company will resole them for you at a reasonable price of 60 bucks plus shipping and handling.
    So for those of us who work 12+ hour shifts and spend most of that on our feet I'd say the shoes pay for themselves!
  7. by   shygoofyone
    I ABSOLUTELY SWEAR BY MY MBTs! A former classmate of mine recommended them to me when I made a facebook post about how horribly sore my feet and legs were after my 12 hour shifts. She had tried them and loved them! The best part? I was getting a recommendation from someone who, like me (at the time) was very overweight and working 12 hour shifts on a busy floor. I can not say enough about them!

    I went from not being able to walk after sitting in the car to being able to go shopping after work (even after a long drive!). It is true that, after a couple of days, you will have some soreness in your legs, but it goes away quickly. It's gotten so bad (good!) that I only buy MBTs now...for work and play I did break down and buy a pair of Danskos "dress" shoes the other day, but only because MBT doesn't make a nice dress style.

    I have since lost 70 pounds and still swear by the MBTs. I've used both the clog style and various "tennis shoe" designs, all work wonderfully! But, I will tell you to definitely try the MBTs and not the wannabe shoes out there. Three separate nurses I worked with got cheaper versions of the rocker bottom shoes after I bragged about how good they felt and ended up with various injuries. You get what you pay for....but you can get MBTs cheaper at
  8. by   dmskoka
    I had them through school and now.. They are 3 years old and my feet are just starting to hurt. I got them from a wholesaler at half price. I didn't want to pay 250 for a new pair so spent 125 on some timberlake I think. They are ok but feet started to hurt.. went back to MTB's. I think I need to get a new pair. I got them for comfort. My pants now are tighter after wearing the other but if that is because of the shoes I have no idea have been eating more. I like to think I am exercising more when walking but I got them so my feet don't hurt. I found when standing still one must sway in place otherwise hurt..wish I had just got another pair instead of trying different shoes..