Do you wear your wedding/engagement ring?

  1. Ladies especially - do you wear your wedding or engagement ring while on the job?

    When I don't wear mine, I get hit on by patients. When I do, I fear that it gets filthy and that it may fall off on scene (I'm an EMT looking to become a nurse).

    Some of my friends have suggested using a Ring Wrapper, but I'm wondering if it's just better to leave it home or in the car? The problem is that I spend 60+ hours per week at work, but I love to admire my rings.
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  3. by   turnforthenurse
    I bought a fake ring from for close to $50. This is what it is:

    It's actually a pinky ring, but since I have tiny fingers I bought it for my ring finger. My engagement ring and wedding bands are all soughtered together and have a lot of stones, so I don't like to wear it at work. The emitations ring is small and the stones are small, but it looks really nice.

    I'm sure you could also find a plain band somewhere.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    I reserve my engagement ring for times when I'm not at work. While at work I only wear my plain (smooth, no stones) gold wedding band.
  5. by   llg
    Rings are not allowed in some work settings. You can minimize or eliminate the "getting hit on" problem in other ways -- in the way you dress etc. and in the way you act. The ring shouldn't make that much difference.
  6. by   uptoolateagain
    I will start out with the caveat that I am a male.

    I don't wear my ring at work, even when not on the ward. My wife and I decided that it is a much safer option than a degloving. I've seen too many of those because I have to work around vehicles a lot, and it just isn't worth the risk. This may be something you think about since you really are supposed to remove jewelry if you are involved in extrication (since you stated that you are an EMT).

    On another note, on the occasion that I do have to wear my ring (special events and such) I wear a plain ring. My wife and I have matching rings with all the inset stones, but once again we decided that from an infection control standpoint our "nice rings" are too big of a risk to wear. If the event is not at the hospital though, all the "bling" comes out.

    Do I see nurses wear their rings at work? All the time! It all boils down to your personal decision as to if you want to wear your ring or not, and what your institutions policy is.
  7. by   SunshineDaisy
    We are not allowed to wear rings with stones and such for clinical. We can wear a plain band if we want to.
  8. by   UofTexas
    Hi Heather! I'm glad you posted about RingWrapper because I've been wearing mine at work for a few months, and it's great! I just got engaged so I wanted to wear my e-ring to work but I wasn't allowed. But ringwrapper completely surrounds my ring so it's safe for patients and stuff, my boss said I can wear my ring at work as long as I wear my ringwrapper. So yes, that worked for me....
  9. by   EMTtoRNinVA
    I wear my engagement ring on the same chain as my RN pendant. I feel more secure having it present, but also know that I'm practicing great handwashing at the same time. I never wear rings when I'm on duty in the rig for the aforementioned reasons (including avulsions).
  10. by   alovelymother
    I used to wear my ring daily. I have to take it off anytime I go into surgery. Eventually I lost it in a pair of scrubs that went to the laundry service. I haven't replaced it. I don't want to lose another ring.
  11. by   Ruby Vee
    My ring was blessed by the priest when my husband and I were married. The only time it's come off in the years we've been married is when I was in the OR (as the patient). My husband designed my ring -- smooth gold, one large, channel-set stone so there's nothing to catch on gloves or patients. He wears his ring as well.
  12. by   KWalla
    I learned while working with a 50+ years of experience RN, who worked the OR, that she would always pin a large safety pin inside her scrub top pocket to hold her wedding rings while she was in the OR...she also told me to be careful to remove them before sending the scrubs to the laundry! I wear only my wedding band to work!