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i am thinking about buying a pair of danskos for clinicals...specifically the merrell style and i am just wondering....are they worth the money? 110 is alot for me to spend on shoes!! thanks!... Read More

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    www.danskooutlet.com AMAZING! They're technically factory seconds, like a scratch on the leather, a slight scuff..etc. but the majority of them are just sizes and styles that have been over produced. Much cheaper than buying them in a regular dansko store. Thankfully, I live near the dansko factory and we go and get them there for $65. I ordered my dansko professionals in white from the website though..no problems what so ever. I suggest you try them on in a retailer though for proper sizing!
    Oh yay! So happy there is an outlet!!!
    I have had 5 pairs of Danskos and the only reason I had to get rid of three pairs was my feet shrank when I lost weight...so bad for me but good for my mom as she got 3 pairs of shoes
    They are super comfy and when I needed a pair for clinicals that was the brand I went to. Now I can start to build my collection again faster than I had hoped
    Danskos are not for everyone. They feel like you are wearing a clog only it is a full coverage shoe. If you can handle clogs though it should not be a problem. They are super light weight and in euro sizes. I would, like the others, recommend a fitting for the initial fit with the socks you will be wearing.
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    The last I knew, the factory outlet was actually in West Grove , PA, South of Philly, off of Route 1. I believe that the turnoff is Route 10, a right off the ramp, and they are less than a mile from the ramp. 610-869-5765. All I did was google for this.
    And they have regular clogs as well as the full-coverage types.
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    Hi!! I want to plan a trip to the Dansko factory in Philly. However, I've been unable to find ANY information online about where the store is located and most importantly when and what time it operates! I'm scared to make the trip and have it not be opened.

    Would you happen to know this?

    LOVE my Danskos!!!!! Been wearing them 6 years now and will NEVER wear anything else. As another poster stated you MUST break them in prior to wearing them an entire 12 hour shift. I float and do many specialties: ER, OR, PACU, TELE, Cath Lab, Endo, Occupational Health, Oncology, Outpatient Clinics, Open Heart, PCU, IMCU. These are the BEST shoes, at first I was skeptical, however, now wouldn't trade for anything, I EVEN wear them on off days. I have 4 pair, 1 a colleuge gave she couldn't wear them so those are my OR dedicated shoes, had 2 other pair of my own, daughter had a pair while working retail when she left that gave them to MOM.

    They make you walk correctly, keep body in alignment. NO MORE leg, foot, back pain at end of a LONG LONG shift and I sometimes work 4 or 5 twelves a week, with oncall added in.

    As another poster stated it is BEST to try on several pair to get the best fit as they are all handmade. I also have been wearing the OLD version and have no experience with the new manufacturer. Danskos also last FOREVER! I got mine at the outlet and they are very helpful. Here is contact info for Dansko Outlet.

    Dansko Factory Outlet
    8 Federal Road
    West Grove, Pennsylvania 19390
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    I have several pairs of Dansko's and wear them for every 12 hour shift that I work! I love them. You do have to break them in per say, but really it is your feet that you are breaking in because they align your feet, however, if you are a flat footed person, these shoes are not for you! They are meant to maintain your arch and keep you from walking on the wrong parts of your feet. I have had the issue with the ankle rolling when I first started wearing them, but you get used to them and that will quit happening! I love all of my Dansko's!
  5. by   Sheepwithagun
    I love my Danskos! I have two pairs of the Professional style for casual wear and I have pair of the Caitlin to wear in clinical. The Caitlin style fits way different - has a bit more squish to it. I much prefer the Professional..I feel like they have better support.
    I definitely agree to try them on in person before you buy. My Professionals are the same size but fit differently (the leather part is..looser on one pair).
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    I have a high arch and they are perfect for someone like me. I wouldn't wear anything else other than Dansko's. They feel like house shoes to me after I broke them in. They are a little stiff at first but give them some time.
  7. by   ShantheRN
    Just wanted to say.....I have flat feet, a bad ankle (old dislocation - yay arthritis!), and a bad knee.....and I <3 my Danskos. I've had the same pair for over a year and other than scuff marks, they're perfect. Only shoe I can wear for 12+ hours and not have sore feet.