Compression Hose...Please HELP!!!

  1. I am a new nurse and need some recommendation please. After 12 hour shifts, my legs feel very heavy and my feet and ankles are sore and swollen. I do not have insurance yet, so I cannot go to a physician for a recommendation on which type of compression gradient to buy...I was thinking of purchasing 20-30mmhg, but I am worried is that too much?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...Thanks!!
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  3. by   Trekfan
    20-30 would be the place to start .You can also buy them on eBay for cheep . They make a toeless type ( I use this kind ) if they pinch your toes . If you have a store near you that can fit you that is always better but if not you need to mesure your ankle and your top calf to get your size .
  4. by   CaptScrubs13
    Dr scholls for her makes a fairly inexpensive pair, i think $8 or so.. They're light compression but would be a decent start, and they're very comfortable! I have a more heavy duty pair that sometimes feels a little *too* much. Good luck!
  5. by   Futuresos
    Thanks to the both of you....I used the nursemates brand while in school and they did not help at all. Who would have known this decision would be so difficult! The hose are not cheap!
  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Once you get insurance, your price for good stockings should drop if you an order from your MD.

    Jobst is a good brand. Agree that 20-30s should do you well.

    Good luck!
  7. by   LTCNS
    Would compression hose be beneficial for someone with Idiopathic Neuropathy with lower leg pain?
  8. by   somenurse
    I once had my female gynecologist tell me, that my legs feeling heavy, felt swollen, (but weren't actually very swollen, it was more a sensation that they were swollen, than much actual edema) and achey, was a hormonal thing, said she had exact same thing. I took aspirin for it, which helped far far more than any of the support hose i tried.

    i also became kinda vigilant about not overdoing my salt intake, ( will add up all your salt intake for you, for free)
    and making sure i drank enough fluids, and elevating my feet as often as i could,
    as well as doing some leg exercises designed to supposedly help us grow and develop additional venous pathways, like raising legs up and down, calf pumping, etc.
  9. by   Havin' A Party!
    Moderate walking is also an excellent intervention.