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I'm only 25 but already my legs are beginning to show signs of vericose and spider veins since the start of my 12 hour shifts. Any suggestions?? Thanks! :rolleyes:... Read More

  1. by   DolceVita
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  2. by   prison_nurse
    I have bought some socks for diabetics from Walmart. You can find them in the clothing or pharmacy sections. I have them in white, black and navy. They work wonders for aching legs and are really cheap.
  3. by   Tanevski
    I'm 27y/o new grad and all through nursing school i wore (and still wear) the Mediven Motion Sport compression socks by Medi: they're a little more expensive than the activa brand, but i feel that its worth the money especially because Medi brand can be machine washed and dried... Activa brand needs to be hand washed and towel dried. I highly recommend them.
  4. by   chaxanmom
    Ok, I have to ask this. Is it just me or do these things roll down for anyone else?? I carry a lot of weight in the belly so I would imagine that's why but if I go bigger to allow for that then won't the legs be too big?? Any brands that are better for this than others? I've used both NurseMates and Rockers brands.
  5. by   Tanevski
    As mentioned in my previous post, I highly recommend the Medi brand for compressions stockings. They ones that i wear are a knee-high stocking. They are actually designed to look more like a white tube sock. They are quite comfortable, and i dont have much of an issue with them rolling down. The measurements go by ankle and calf circumference for sizing... so it doesnt matter if you carry a little belly weight or not.
  6. by   chaxanmom
    I forgot to mention that I wear skirts so I'd definitely need the pantyhose style rather than the sock style.