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i'm brand new to this site. only 5 minutes old. was just wondering if there was a school that didn't require a pre-testing exam before you can even apply to the school? i live in FL and am willing to locate anywhere! i have really decent grades and need to get into a school! help!


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Most schools I know of here n mi. Do have entrance exams. Ours was the net test but they just changed to the teas test.

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Is there a problem with your taking a pre-nursing entrance exam?


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well, the problem i have is traveling to each school just to take their specific test. if i want to attend a school outside of my city i have to take the schools specific test. thats very incovienent if wanting to apply to a lot of schools. know what i mean?

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Check into Jefferson Davic Community College in Alabama, Just outside of Florida. I get Alabama resident rates even though I live in Florida. Some deal they have worked out with Florida. Best school in the area from what I hear. I am starting this Fall

You may also want to check Alfred State College, it's a bit further in NY but their is NO entrance exams. Once your accepted by the college, your automatically accepted to the nursing program providing you put that as your intended major on your application.

I'm in NY and going to a community college and I didn't have to take an exam to get into nursing. You do have to take a placement test....but that's every student, nursing or not.

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