Nursing Schools that start in Summer? (Trad or Acc)


I'm looking for nursing schools that start in the summer, traditional or accelerated programs. Looking anywhere, but would particularly like information on schools in Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina. Thanks! :)


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In Georgia, West Georgia Tech and Columbus Tech have ADN programs and Kennesaw State University has a BSN program that starts in the summer. All the deadlines have already passed for entry this year though. You would have to wait until next year to apply to those particular schools for summer admission.

(ETA: Actually you have to apply to Kennesaw this summer, the deadline is August 31 for entry next summer. West Ga Tech's deadline is April 1 and Columbus' deadline is March 1 for the upcoming summer session)


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In Houston, TX, the University of Texas Health Science Center offers an accelerated program that begins in the summer.

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Look at TCU's accelerated program in Fort Worth, TX. Unless their schedule has changed, it is 15 months beginning in summer.