Nursing school without a car?


Hey all! I'm a bicycle fanatic and am hoping to be starting nursing school at either NHCC, Century or St Kates in the fall and am wondering if it's possible to do it without having a car. I know I can get pretty much anywhere on my bike, but my concern is scheduling-- do they schedule clinicals and classes back to back? If so, I might not have time to get around. Any info would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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Hey Molly,

For most schools, you can view their course schedules online, and get a feel for when the nursing courses are scheduled. I've done this often, because I am in a similar boat as you. (I have a car, but it's old and I prefer not to drive it.) I do know that St. Kate's and NHCC are bus-able. Not sure about Century, since it's in the far 'burbs. Good luck!! I'll look for you and your bike out on the roads once it gets warmer.

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I went to school in Duluth, but we usually had time to catch the bus back to campus if there was class on a clinical day. Carpooling was pretty popular, too. There were plenty of students who didn't drive or didn't have cars who made it to public health clinicals, community service activities, etc. using the bus and other students; I bet you could do it with a bike, too :) Good luck!

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Ha!, I did most of my program hitchhiking because we had no buses.

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Look into using public transportation if possible.......I would not recommend biking to NHCC it's located by some major highways and not very pedestrian friendly. Not sure about St. Kates.....but I know that in my nursing program they do have many options where you could take classes back to back. It just depends on seniority, so the farther along in the program and the more credits you have then the higher priority your registration will be which will enable you to have a better chance of getting back to back classes. Hope this helps and good luck with your search.

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Century is definately bus friendly. Most of the clinical sites seem that way too. There is a lot of carpooling to clinical sites so it would be worth finding a buddy to carpool with.

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