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I start the ADN program next friday and im getting very anxious about it. Ive been looking forward to it but the closer it gets the more scared i feel. I feel like maybe i wont be good enough to pass especially reading that its super hard. I know it wont be easy, i totally get that, but ive been reading lots of posts stating that your life stops while your in the program.... Some posts make it seem like its almost impossible and then the posts about mean instructors... I went on and found that i have instructors like that in my school=( anyway, I know i can do this, its just that reading stuff like that makes me doubt myself.. I know it will be hard but i also feel like it will also be fun, i love learning new things especially when it comes to the human body and helping people and I know that i will become an amazing nurse someday, any help or advice with the nursing school jitters?

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I think you should read a post in the general nursing section called "to all students starting nursing school" I just read it and it gives out some really good points that might help your jitters...I'm staring the same program in late august but I'm not trying to think so much about it.

Did you go on to watch some pre nursing school videos? Somebody posted they were doing that and it didn't sound like a bad idea...

Good luck :-)

my nursing school experience---first semester we had an instructor that liked to scare us into learning our material. very much like a drill sergeant. well guess what? we all passed her class (who didn't drop) and i literally heard her voice, and hers alone, on my boards. the rest of the instructors were great with the exception of one who claimed i plagiarized without checking my sources. she stated that, "i've never heard you talk with those words before." after a visit to the dean of nursing we had that mess cleaned up. i advise to stand up for injustice like that but don't become known for being the squeaky wheel about everything. lots of things suck. last minute schedule changes (which took a toll on me since i worked full-time during school) and a buttload of homework do not make having a social life the easiest thing to accomplish. grades are important to a point. there is a time in your nursing career where letters mean nothing and nursing classes become pass or fail in your (and all your classmate's) mind. it is doable. you will make it to the other side. it does suck but to be honest it was the quickest two years of my life. the first month is the worst. keep the end goal in mind. make some time in your week for "me" time. you will appreciate this even if it something small. keep socializing with people especially your classmates. my husband never understood the pressure i was under. he would look at me and say you will pass and do fine without a second thought. your classmates will understand better.

Yeah i actually just read the post "to all nursing students starting nursing school" very good post. Makes it seem less scary. Ive just been reading so many things about haow hard it is, how some instructors are and just not so fun stuff. IM Ready. I know i can do this and its a matter of opinion. i feel like its going to be hard but since im so interested in it it will also be fun and interesting=) I didnt see the videos but i will loook for them, good luck in your school, we can do this!

I know exactly how you feel... I have been feeling the same way! You can do this though! That is what I tell myself everyday. If we made it this far, then we are more than capable of doing it and learning how to be a nurse. I need to go read that post to all the students starting nursing school... maybe it will help calm me down, too! :uhoh3:

I'm feeling the same way! Start my first semester in the nursing program at my university in September and though I'm really excited, I'm also a bit nervous. I've heard that the professors at my school are super sweet and really want their students to succeed, but I've always been a little afraid of my teachers, no matter how nice they are! I'm also nervous about the work load and whether I can handle it. I didn't get into the program the first time because of my GPA (need like a 3.9 and I have a 3.5) and I just hope I can keep up. Good luck to you! I'm sure we will be just fine :)

Nursing in 2012 is vastly different than it was 20+ years ago that is for sure.

Because of the advances in medicine and the fact that nurses are the primary caregivers to patients (no matter what the MDs want you to believe :-) nursing school simply cannot be a cake walk!

The most important thing to remember is you got in and that is half the battle my friend. I had an OR nurse tell me yesterday that she was talking to a patient that wants to go to nursing school but her GPA isn't high enough...the ironic part about that is this same woman just finished a Masters Degree program!

I've known plenty of nursing students that maintained a social life and still did very well in their courses and passed their boards the first time. This will be just as much about prep and motivation than anything else. There is a saying "Study smarter, not harder".

You'll do just fine. Just take a breath and enjoy it! These are only the basics and the real learning begins when you hit the floor.

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It's natural to have jitters about a new experience but don't let that get in your way. Try to go in without thinking about how people have rated your professors before. I went in blind and I liked that better than having a pre-conceived notion of who my instructors were going to be.

I like the other poster's advice of reading the new student post. Yes, nursing school is hard but obviously a whole lot of people make it through. If you concentrate, don't get behind, study, and focus on what you need to focus on, I'm sure you will do fine.

I'm getting ready to start my second year in my ASN program and I have jitters too. I know what to expect from our nursing program but not from these classes and that's scary. I'm doing my best to prepare with what I can and know that if I put forth my best then I will complete my classes just as well as I did last time.

Good luck!

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