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Nursing school hopefuls



I'm pretty new to this site, hopefully it's not to early to start a thread like this! I'm finishing up my prereq's in the spring and summer A and then applying for the spring of 11 nursing program at FSCJ! It's getting down to crunch time and I'm getting excited! Only just over 8 months until I can apply:) Are there any more spring 11 hopefuls? What do you have left to take and are you excited?

I'm already in nursing school, but good luck and welcome to the board! You might want to check out your regional board too if you're looking to connect with students who know your program/are in your area.


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I'm waiting on word for May 2010. I personally went down to the school and submitted my application for LPN to RN bridge program.

I received a refection letter....The academic adviser forgot to mention I needed to submit my BLS card. :down:

She apologized and I sent her a copy of it by email.

I'm waiting to hear again.


Hope they still let you try out for the program.

Why wouldn't i be allowed to apply to the program?

Does anyone know what prereqs are needed before starting adelphi nursing program?