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Nursing School Advice

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What advice do you have based upon your experiences in nursing school? I am a first year student and would love to hear your advice and feedback.


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Do your homework, read before class, study for tests, manage your time well, sleep, eat well, exercise...

What kind of advice are you looking for?

Form a study group- they are extremely beneficial because you able to bounce ideas off one another and compare.

Don’t procrastinate! Once you fall behind it’s almost impossible to catch back up. Stay on top of your readings and so forth.

When studying, study to understand the ‘why’ behind things and not the ‘what’. For example: don’t just study what the s/s of a specific disease are or what interventions are necessary; but instead, focus on why these things are happening. Understanding the ‘why’ behind things will allow you to critically think-this will aid you in knowledge application and anticipated outcomes.

Organization- in nursing school you have a million things thrown at you. It’s incredibly overwhelming – but superb organization makes the workload far more manageable. This will also help you when you begin your career as well; especially in the beginning.

Nursing school is tough- but dedication and determination will carry you through!

Good luck and best wishes!


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