1. I am updating my resume to include the duties I am performing now and have writer's block!
    I am an RN in a LTC/Rehab facility. I work in the rehab unit (been here 4 months). I pass meds and assess pts., mostly post-op ortho pts (I am applying for a position on an ortho floor at a hosp). I have no idea where to begin. I rewrote nursing school rotations to condense that (I did my last rotation on an ortho floor). I just don't know which duties are the most important/transferable to a hospital setting. I average 15 pts.

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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Post your first position, drop the student clinical rotations. Need to brush up on documenting clinical activities using action verbs in professional language. Do you really just "pass meds" or "Administer and teach patients medication regime and Evaluate side effects for 15 patient LTC Rehab unit..... Evaluate patients pain status and facilitate effective pain management techniques.....Assess patients post-op Rehab care for surgical complications and provide ongoing patient education regarding orthopedic precautions to maintain". I'd include major types ortho surgery your patient population has undergone. This should appeal to a recruiter looking to staff hospital surgical unit. Also list proficiency in wound care.

    This should jog your descrption of patient care skills on resume.
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  4. by   mmc51264
    Thank you!!!!!! That helps, I just never konw how to make what I do sound better.