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  1. Hello everyone, I'm a new LPN looking for work NJ. i have applied to over 20 Facilities and yet i get no call back. I know the market is tough, but I think that some improvements to my resume could really help my chances. I have been working as cna in 2007 and in 2012 i did to do a LPN program. it was tough but I did it and I got my license. I been job searching since march this year. if anyone has advice about the resume i would really appreciate it.


    OBEJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a Health Care organization that will allow me to provide the highest level of care using my healthcare education and training, communication skills and my self-directed prioritization skills that I have gained over my 6 years of healthcare work experience.


    LPN school Location, state
    Practical Nursing Diploma, November 2013
    Long Term Care Training Location, state
    Nurse Aide Certification, November 2007

    - Licensed Practical Nurse
    - Basic Life Support (BLS) certified by American Heart Association


    • Medication Administration
    • IV sites Monitoring
    • Vital Signs & Patient Monitoring
    • Wound Dressings
    • Privacy / HIPAA Regulations
    • Patient Care & Safety
    • Patient Advocacy and Support
    • Ostomy Care
    • Diagnostic Testing
    • Basic EKG
    • Medical Terminology
    • Artificial Airway Suctioning


    Healthcare Facilities Location, state
    Nursing Assistant, August 2009- March 2014
    - Took, verified, and informed nurses of changes in patient vital signs
    - Assisted nurses in the insertion and removal of Nasogastric Tubes and Foley catheters
    - Monitored Drainage systems such as Flexi-seal, and Dignicare.
    - Received basic training in wound care and prevention.
    - Received basic training in monitoring patients requiring Oxygen Therapy and Tracheostomy
    - Provided personal care services to patients such as oral care, bathing, hair care, nail care, shaving, diapering, and bandages.

    Healthcare Facilities Location, state
    Nursing Assistant, 2008- 2010
    - Providing optimum patient care as a professional CNA within acute-care, rehabilitation, surgical, home-healthcare and nursing-home settings.
    - Preserving patient dignity and assuring patient's dignity while carrying out tasks such as diapering, bed-pan changes, bathing and emptying drainage bags.
    - Appreciated for effective team collaboration, patient relations, chart accuracy and consistent deliverance of empathetic care.
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  3. by   rnrg
    Have you applied to any homecare agency?
  4. by   icuRNmaggie
    This would have been a very nice resume many years ago and it may be useful for applying to a small office practice.Go to and read the article about tailoring your resume for the ATS or automated tracking system.
    Your resume is possibly being rejected due to headers and bullets and should be completely rewritten for the ATS.
  5. by   icuRNmaggie
    I just want to compliment the way you described your CNA experience, that was perfect.