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  1. HELLO everyone!! I am having a very difficult time landing my first RN job. Everyone wants at least 1 year experience but I cannot gain that until someone gives me a shot. I have been a LPN for 8 1/2 years qualified in LTC, Skilled, Clinic and Psych. I have concluded that I need a very impressive resume with the right wording and to be honest that is not my strong point. Please any advice would be great!
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    It's hard to give advice without having a specific question to answer. As we all know ... yes, you should develop a strong resume. But we can't tell you what to put on it since we don't know you.

    Here are a few general suggestions I can based on what little I know about your situation.
    1. Find someone you can talk to, show your current resume to, etc. and get their critique. Be sure it is someone who will be brutally honest with you and not just someone who will nod and smile and say, "nice".
    2. Did your school have some sort of career center, placement office, etc.? Perhaps there is an academic adviser or faculty member in your recent past who would review your resume.
    3. If you know of no one, perhaps you could modify your current resume (removing ALL identifying information) and post it here for our critique.
    4. Have you included any special accomplishments or responsibilities that would highlight the best of your LPN career and help distinguish you from the other 100 applications the recruiter is receiving?

    Just a few thoughts ...
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    List the skills you performed
    - managed "X" patients in "insert setting"
    - assessed .....
    - performed wound care on .....
    - participated in mulitdisciplinary rounds (if applicable)
    - served as "insert position" on X council for X years

    To give you a start.
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    Moved to the Resume Help forum, hopefully something here will help you