Resume Critique Please!

  1. So I am beginning my job search/application process for some hospitals and I really want to have a great resume! I am applying mainly to L&D jobs, but I do have an open (and realistic) mind and will gladly start in any area that I am needed. Any tips to improve this resume would be wonderful! I said "Hospital" in place of the actual hospital names that are around me so I don't give away too much of my location (Duke was out of state for me, so I just left that one). Thank you all so much in advance!

    Jessica D
    Student Nurse

    My goal is to obtain a registered nursing position that will allow me to expand my skills and further my education while providing excellent patient care. With my variety of experience, I believe I can be a great fit for any health care organization. Expected graduation date: December 16, 2017 with a BSN.


    Work Experience: Healthcare-Related

    Hospital Present
    Student Nurse Associate
    • CNA-related skills
    • Correct documentation of performed activities
    • Phlebotomy
    • Some nursing skills under RN supervision

    Duke University Hospital May 2017-Aug 2017 (Externship)
    PNA in the GYN-Urology/Urology Pediatric Operating Room
    • Sterile Technique
    • OR circulator
    • OR turnover
    • Patient transport/safety
    • Patient-Family communication

    Nursing Home
    Nurse Aide Aug-Dec 2014
    • Performed basic nurse aide skills
    • Accurate vital sign monitoring
    • Effectively cared for 12-14 patients during any shift

    Certifications: Current

    Certified Nursing Assistant
    • Through fundamentals of nursing – exp. May 2019
    BLS Provider
    • Through American Heart Assosiation – exp. Dec 2019
    Labor/Birth Doula
    • Through Childbirth International – exp. July 2019

    Nursing School Name
    -Clinical placements include Hospital 1, Hospital 2, Hospital 3, Hospital 4, and Hospital 5 (SIDE NOTE: Hospital 5 is the hospital I am applying for one of the jobs).

    High School
    Diploma May 2013
    • Graduated with honors – GPA: 3.91
    • HOSA president

    Awards and Honors
    During time at University 2013-Present
    • Order of Omega Greek Honors Society
    • Alpha Lambda Delta National Honors Society
    • Residential Scholar
    • Academic Scholarship recipient
    • TN Lottery (HOPE) Scholarship recipient
    • Dean’s List (Multiple Semesters)

    • AWHONN Student Member
    • Alpha Delta Pi, Historian, Music Chair, RV/Website Chair
    • Panhellenic Recruitment Counselor 2017
    • Alpha Lambda Delta NHS, Communications/Webmaster
    • Student Nurses Association 2013-present
    • Member of the University's Fellows of Nurses and Engineers
    • TSSAA Blue Cross Bowl, Volunteer (4 years)
    • Hospital 1, Volunteer (4 years)
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  3. by   Newgradnurse17
    I think there's a lot of work that you need to do on your cv. I'm graduating with my bsn this November too, and working in getting my cv perfect!

    First I would just start with name number email ect.

    Then a personal statement that is personalised to you and the hospital and your nursing philosophy. Every one knows you your looking for a job, writing a sentence like that, that they've seen countless amounts of time is pointless.

    Next your education collage only. They don't want to know about High school.

    Then certification, but edit how you've done this. Found the formatting confusing.

    Then clinicals

    Then work experience. First say when you started your current job. Dint just say current. Also be more specific with what you did. Saying some nursing skills, basic aid care doesn't tell them anything and doesn't look good.

    Then award and involvements. But maybe rename those sections.

    This cv does not tell me much at all. Who are you? What experience do you have? What area do you want to work in? Very broad and boring, like it could be anyone's cv. To generic
  4. by   ILUVERNSG
    I don't have much advice for your resume but, I just wanted to give you kudos for your impressive scholastic achievements. Way to go! You're gonna do great!