Need resume review and suggestions. Old new grad with "problem background".

  1. I graduated in spring 2011. After 8 months job search was hired for an acute care specialty unit precepted orientation. After 12 weeks orientation was let go as "not a good fit", "not ready to take a full patient load", employer not willing to extend orientation "due to budgetary reasons."

    Have applied for many positions. Am looking for long-term care, med-surg, or clinic jobs. Am intensifying my job search.

    Would you please review my resume and suggest how to improve, change, revise, etc? Also any suggestions on job search and interview suggestions appreciated....

    Resumes in word and pdf versions were uploaded. I don't see them. If not here, I will try again.
    Oops. Need to try that again...

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  3. by   mclennan
    Please see my past posts about what NOT to include on a rsum. Hope that's a helpful start.
  4. by   Flatlander
    First, I did see your recent post "This is a discussion about Bad Resumes," Mclennan. I tried to use your suggestions when doing my last revision, but maybe it's still too long. I'd love for some of you to review my resume and provide feedback.

    Second, I need instructions on posting my resume here for review. If anyone can clue me in, I'd be grateful (please see my post above.) How do you "embed" your resume in an email or a post on this forum, or elsewhere?

    Thirdly, I'm wondering if it's okay to contact the recruiter at a large hospital, and if so, what sorts of things would be appropriate to ask or tell the recruiter...?

    Thanks, thanks, thanks
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You can attach a document, be sure to redact any personally identifying information (such as name, address, phone number, email may want to consider removing your school name & employer names). When you go to "advanced" for reply there is a little paperclip to the right of the box where you can choose font size. (This does not always appear if you are posting using an Apple OS computer or iPad) You can upload a .doc or .docx document up to 1.4MB or a pdf up to 6.2MB.
  6. by   Flatlander
    Here is the resume

    staff update: converted resume to text file for quicker download across multiple devices
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  7. by   Flatlander
    Here is a second version of my resume. This one based on skills and competencies. Feedback appreciated! Thanks!

    staff update: added text file (converted text file of resume)
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  8. by   Flatlander
    Hi, mclennan -
    Would you look at my resumes attached? I sure would like some suggestions on how they appear to an experienced hiring manager. Thanks so very much!

    Anyone else interested, I would welcome any comments.

  9. by   mclennan
    I would LOVE to help with resumes but I'm not sure how to look at attachments in the iOS app!
  10. by   Flatlander
    Quote from mclennan
    I would LOVE to help with resumes but I'm not sure how to look at attachments in the iOS app!
    Hi. I've sent you two Private Messages with my resumes, one per PM. I copied and pasted them into the PM's from Word. Please let me know if you can't open them and I'll try something different.

    Thanks for your willingness to help! I have been so stuck on these!
  11. by   mclennan
    Got em. Give me a day or so
  12. by   Flatlander

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