Need help with a resume for a PN student

  1. I am an lvn student and only have two months left to go!! One of the tasks they are having us do is write a letter of resignation, letter of application, and a resume. My goal right now is to just start off with a resume. I have never written one before. I am so lost I do not know where to start or how to even write one out. If someone could show me a good example of one for nursing students I would GREATLY appreciate it!! I have only a week to finish!!
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  3. by   notmanydaysoff
    a-a: check on the internet under "letter of resignation, letter of application, and a resume".

    you will find all sorts of articles, letters, and ideas that should start your creative juices flowing. this is a learning exercise, put some effort into it.

    when writing your resume, you may be best advised to write a functional skills resume since you are job-hunting in a totally new field. if you are not familiar with what a functional skills resume is, again, go online, or go to your local library and check out a resume writing book.

    potential employers will be looking at your resume and making judgments and assumptions based on what they read. put your best food forward and wow them with your brilliance!

    good luck

  4. by   Bayat
    Check the attachments in these to get an idea of two different resume styles:

    Functional resume style: New grad RN with lots of LPN jobs
    Hybird resume style:

    When the instructor mentioned "letter of application" is really referring to a cover letter? Courious minds want to know.