Looking for an established nurse to review a new grad's resume!

  1. Hi all!
    I am set to graduate August 1, 2012 with my BSN. There are so many issues with what a new grad resume should entail. I was wondering if there are any established nurses out there, willing to review my resume (below) and give me some feedback...Any input is appreciated, thank you!!

    XXXX, MI 48091
    Mobile: XXX

    - Successful in customer interface and relations
    - Excellent written and organizational skills
    - Proficient in basic nursing skills
    - Trained and qualified in the documentation of patient care in
    EPIC- Electronic Medical Record System

    Education XXX University
    XXX, MI
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Completion August, 2012
    GPA: 3.59

    2012 William Beaumont Hospital
    Medical Intensive Care Unit
    Royal Oak, MI
    May through July, 2012

    Certifications HealthCare Provider- Basic Life Support and AED
    American Heart Association
    Renewal Date: 4/2014

    Federal Emergency Management Associate
    U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Received: 4/30/2012

    Professional Experience

    2005-Present Endoscopy Technician - Surgical Centers of Michigan
    Troy, Michigan

    2004-Present Medical Receptionist - Troy Gastroenterology
    Troy, Michigan

    - XXX University Dean's List Fall 2011, Winter 2011/ 2012

    Community Service

    - Detroit Edison School Academy
    - American Red Cross
    - Gleaner's Food Bank, Warren MI

    Professional Memberships

    - XXX University Student Nurses' Association

    - Available Upon Request
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  3. by   germsjackson
    I would put where you did your rotations

    what skills you used on your previous jobs/ volunteer
    give it a slightly more personal touch
  4. by   KelRN215
    Skills should not be on top. If you're a new grad, Education should be first. And if you're a new grad, I can assure you you are not "proficient" in any nursing skills and it comes off as arrogant to word it that way. If I was reading a new grad's resume that said that, it would be a huge turn off and I would think that this person doesn't think they have much left to learn.

    I do not believe "reference available upon request" belongs on a resume.

    To me, this resume is very choppy. I would order it as follows:

    *Your preceptorship and any outstanding clinical rotations can go here but "Preceptorship" should not be its own section, it should be included in the education section.

    *If you are going to include Honors, it belongs here.


    I do not think membership in a student nurses' association counts as "Professional Membership" either. A student membership is just that. Maybe throw that in with education as well.


    VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE (I like this title better than "Community Service").

    Only include specific, objective skills here. I.e. do you speak another language, computer skills, etc. Subjective stuff like "excellent interpersonal skills" is difficult to measure and something anyone could say.