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  1. I am a nursing student, and I have never had any REAL work experience. I can't even find a job at a fast food place. Is job experience required on a resume in order to be hired as a new nurse? It seems that way for many hospitals and such. I'm really frustrated...
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  3. by   Melissa0181
    I'm sure previous work experience in the medical field would be considered a benefit; however, I'm not sure how important it is to have non-medical work experience. I included my GPA on my resume since it was relatively high. During a 2nd interview the nurse manager made a comment about my GPA showing that I dedicate myself to the commitments I make, and I was offered a full-time nursing position. Try to think of something you can add to your resume that would set you apart from others; perhaps a high GPA, perhaps volunteer experience, etc. There is an influx of nursing students and graduate nurses in my area so it is difficult to find a nursing job but not impossible. You just need to think of something that will catch a hiring manager's attention and set you apart from others. Best of luck!
  4. by   PRNketamine7
    If you can get a job as a tech, or aide I think that always helps. I had 2 jobs in nursing school one in psych as a tech and the other on a medical floor. I think these both really helped me to get interviews and get a job. Also, they asked a lot of questions in my interviews about things that I wouldn't have had a reference point to with my school clinical's alone.
    I am also in the new york area, and it is very difficult to get a job around here. So, maybe it depends on your location.
  5. by   KelRN215
    A job at a fast food place is unlikely to help you but, generally, employers expect that someone who's graduated from nursing school (or any college program) has held some kind of job in their lifetime. I went directly to my BSN program from high school and graduated/became a nurse at the age of a typical college graduate and I still had plenty of work experience to put on my resume. I just don't get how someone can get to the point of being a college graduate and not have any work experience. That's why something like a job in retail or at a fast food joint won't really help you... because just about everyone has had a job like that in their lifetime.

    Try to get a job as a nurse's aide if you can- that is always helpful. If you can't find that, even answering the phone in a doctor's office will give you experience working with patients.

    Though, if a hospital job listing says EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, they don't mean any job experience they mean NURSING experience- as in, we are not considering new grads for this position.

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