Finally did it! Critique my resume & cover letter?

  1. After having to wait and extra 8 months to take the NCLEX, Im glad to say I finally got my licence on the 16th! It was rough, but It's so nice to be able to put those 2 letters after my name now!

    Everything online about new grad resumes tend to differ, down to what sections or topics to even include, and I would just like some input from real nurses. Let me know if I should add anything that would better impress, or would be better suited towards a new grad. Its so hard knowing what to include when I have no experience! It is formatted better and prettier on word of course...but is it ok that i had to shrink it down to 10pt?

    Cover Letter:
    I am requesting an opportunity to speak to you in regards to a Registered Nurse position at ----. I graduated in May as an ADN from --- University, and just obtained my license. After completing some research, I feel that obtaining a position with --MC would be the best place to build my foundation for a successful career. I would love nothing more than to learn from your highly reputed staff, and prove myself as an excellent new addition to the nursing team. I have always had a high regard for --MC, knowing the goals, achievements and reputation the hospital holds, and I am absolutely determined to become part of the staff.

    I am a very kind, compassionate, and honest person who has a genuine desire to help people from all walks of life. Patients and their families have continually recognized and shown appreciation of my caring nature. I have a great desire to learn, and am not afraid to ask questions in order to get the job done correctly. In turn, I love to educate others on the knowledge I have received, which has made patient teaching one of my strengths. Working at a teaching hospital would be a great fit for me, knowing I would enjoy helping students through clinical experiences as well. I am a true team player, and have the excellent problem solving and communication skills needed to make a team work together smoothly. Strong ethics and values have been instilled in me through a background in the legal field, and have made me a trustworthy and reliable employee.

    I have included my resume, and hope you'll give me the opportunity to speak with you in person soon. You can contact me at -------, or at any time. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


    New Graduate seeking an entry level position in which I can expand my newly acquired nursing skills.

    Associate of Applied Science Degree in Nursing - May, 2011

    --- University

    Nashville, TN

    TN State Nursing License Number: ------------, exp. 07/2013

    Clinicals & Clinical Skills
    Nashville, TN -
    • VA Hospital, Long term care, Cardiac care, Med-Surg
    • Meharry General Hospital, OB/GYN
    • Middle TN Mental Health Institute, Psychiatric care
    • Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Pediatrics
    • University Medical Center, PCU Cardiac step down, ICU, Emergency
    Assessment - Gathers data quickly but efficiently; performs complete body system assessments, and observes patients of all ages for potential complications.
    Diagnosis - Makes diagnosis based on professional assessment using NANDA standards.
    Planning - Prioritizes and then collaborates with both patient, and other team members to create a care plan that will best allow the patient to reach the stated goals. Excellent communication skills, allowing for better patient outcomes.
    Implementation - Follows interventions outlined in plan based on age and population differences; Follows aseptic technique and universal precautions for procedures; Enthusiastically provides patient education; Delegates proper assignments and ensures patient safety throughout; Safely administers medications via all routes; Monitors all implementations and outcomes closely; Properly documents all data.
    Evaluation - Frequently assesses to determine if further action is needed in order to meet goals of plan, or if a new plan needs to be created; Properly documents all outcomes on both computer and flow sheets.


    Secretary/Receptionist/Paralegal 01/2004 - Present
    • ---, Esquire
    Customary receptionist duties; Prepares court documents with general knowledge of law; Filing, dictation, and general office duties.

    Personal Assistant/Caregiver 07/ 2007 - 01/ 2008
    • Company
    Cared for individuals with mental disabilities; Assisted with ADLs at patient's request; Ensured patient safety; Guided individuals in making proper, everyday choices.
    Veterinarian Technician Assistant 08/2004 - 07/2005
    • Veterinary Clinic
    Assisted doctor and technician with basic procedures and tests; Monitored condition of animals and documented outcomes; Maintained and organized charts.
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    school!! thats too much as is! ;); from US


  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to Resume Help. Good luck!
  4. by   MPKH
    I'm not sure why you listed the nursing process in your can easily incorporate those skills in your clinical sections without listing each compoenent of the nursing process.
  5. by   StudentNurzNK
    Sorry about posting in the wrong place, didn't know there was a board like that.

    The reason I listed the process was because I saw a few people that had done it, and wasn't sure how exactly to list the skills otherwise. Thought maybe it helped breaking it up into each area. How else should I do it?
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Generally, most healthcare facilities are going to expect applicants to have that basic skill set, so elaborating on them in your CV isn't really necessary. Your cover letter also needs to be a bit shorter and more concise; again, they're going to assume you have the caring stuff in place. Instead, I'd like to see you 'flesh out' your clinical and work experience a little more, using action words to describe your responsibilities.

    For example, did you do certain skills in clinicals that made you stand out among the students in your group, e.g. were you the first in your class to become independent with NG tube insertions or central line maintenance? And be sure to list the skills you learned in your other positions that are transferable to nursing, like managing records and ensuring proper documentation procedures were followed; any supervisory or teaching experience; working with difficult clients and how you handled them successfully etc.

    And, I'd get rid of the objective. It takes up valuable space and to be honest, the hiring manager doesn't care about your goals--- they want to know what you have to offer the employer.

    Overall, a solid resume, just needs a few tweaks here and there. Best of luck to you!!
  7. by   joanna73
    It looks like you have some valuable skills, but I would definitely lose the kind and caring bit. How many times do you think nurse managers read that? And using the nursing process in your resume is too consuming. They know you can do that. It's a requirement for nurses. Just focus on being more concise.

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