Saipan nclex application

  1. Hi. How can i get an application? do they have website or an email? ty
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    Northern Mariana Islands
    Commonwealth Board of Nurse Examiners
    P.O. Box 501458
    Saipan, MP 96950
    Phone: 670.664.4812
    Fax: 670.664.4813
    Contact Person: Rosa M. Tuleda, Associate Director of Public Health & Nursing
    Web Site: N/A
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    Do You Have Any Phone Number Aside From That, Coz We've Been Contacting That Number But Its Always Temporary Disconnected.......
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    This is Medan M. Vente, one of your RNs.
    Sorry to send you message thru this because I could no longer send email to your address: I could not communicate to as fast as emails do.
    I just want to verify if you already sent to College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) my request of Verification of Registration. In the document I sent last January I've included the payment $40.00. If there is any problem with my request, please let me know because the CNO were asking my documents to be sent to them.
    Thank you very much! God bless!
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    Medanmv You are aware that they may not be reading this, it is much better to contact them rather than rely on someone reading a website