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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   rosas
    Thanks for the reply, I never been to college so this would be the first time, so im starting from the bottom. The family thing..lol.. idk, my aunt lives in Bayamon and she was the one who told me to go to PR to go to school, she said I can stay at her place. I saw on the UMET website the nursing program was in cupey and somewhere else, didn't know they had it in bayamon, I would like to find a school in the metro area. I kinda dont know where to begin lol, new to this,
  2. by   Jen_Jen88
    Well the bilingual nursing bsn program is in bayamon. All of your nursing classes are in English as well as your sciences but your general education classes are in Spanish. I took computers and it was a joke lol only because I knew how to do it and my classmate took history of PR in Spanish and he passed. I suggest you take a trip and visit both schools its what I did before I made my final decision.
  3. by   rosas
    I wudn't mind taking Gen Ed classes in spanish, but the nursing n scinences i would prefer in english, one ? that might sound dumb its just that idk lol. would i be able to go for a BSN or would I have to go for a ASN first then go to a BSN program
  4. by   Jen_Jen88
    You can go straight for your bsn
  5. by   rosas
    thats would i would like to go for, thanks for replying back, so so your in bayamon for BSN, when did you start if you dont mind me asking, you can PM if you want
  6. by   Jen_Jen88
    I don't mind. I started in August so this is only my second part-term
  7. by   rosas
    thats kool, i would like to start asap but I got to think thing threw, what school to go to, where would I stay, things like that, i requested more info from UMET hope they send me info soon, do you have any advise for me on where to begin
  8. by   Jen_Jen88
    I'd say take a trip here. I dont know where your coming from but I lived in FL and at time tickets were cheap. Checking out the schools is what made me make my final decision. You can call the nurse directors at the schools. I could never get through in la inter but all my emails I sent the nurse director she replied back. (she's amazing).
  9. by   Jen_Jen88
    At UMET lol forgot to put the schools name I got replies back from UMET. "E" however, helped me out a lot in la inter ( I took two online courses there over the summer with belle =])
  10. by   rosas
    I live in CT, got family over there, but like i said my aunt said she is willing to help me out, i got some ppl telling me that its a bad idea to go to school there to not go that PR, pr is bad, there kinda like raining on my parade, but i really want to go over there so i put all that to the side,but like you said i think the best is ti go over there and to see for myself what the school/programs are like.
  11. by   rosas
    I heard about E and that he is very helpful, going to email to see if he can give me more info
  12. by   Jen_Jen88
    Is crime bad yeah just like anywhere else. Its just herd more here because its such a SMALL island. I live here with family and my parents back home are always telling me be careful, lock your doors blah blah lol but its the same thing they would tell me in south florida.
  13. by   rosas
    would you be able to to talk to me thru email if you dont mind, te lo agradezco? srosario7788@gmail.com