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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   Keke3202
    @cahoon is your place up for rent? On the site I saw it was only in Spanish.
  2. by   Keke3202
    @laleoganaise hope to see you soon am really try my best to get the time off.
  3. by   Keke3202
    @npandres have you find a spot already?
  4. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    @nursekeke The facebook page is in english and spanish. People just usually post in whichever is their first language. There is only one page for both the english and spanish program. The person advertizing for a roommate I mentioned earlier posted in both english and spanish in the same post. My apt is for rent also, but I am leaving totally, so not looking for a roommate. It's not really a super spot either. It's close to school, but not close enough to walk. It would be a good spot for someone coming with their family. It was good for me, but honestly I would have rather lived closer to the beach. PM me if you want more specifics.
  5. by   Keke3202
    Ok I found tge group on Facebook. I guess you wouldn't be able to pull it up on your phone
  6. by   guerra
    I'm looking for places near Umet Bayamon... if any one knows of any good, safe places.. please let me know!
  7. by   guerra
    Quote from smswift
    Hello, I am trying to get more information from UMET, but am having trouble reaching anyone that can answer my questions. An email or phone number with a name would be great. Or maybe someone can answer some of these questions:
    1.) Where is the application to UMET BSN program?
    2.) What are the requirements/pre-requisites for someone with a college degree? Do ALL transcripts need to be mailed?
    3.) Where would I mail them?
    4.) I am visiting PR in May. Is it possible to get accepted and registered before them from Texas? Or is there a better chance in person?
    If anyone knows the answers to any of these, please reply back!
    What did you end up doing? hope all went well
  8. by   guerra
    Quote from FutureNurseLiz
    My trip was great. I fell in love with the city! Both me and my friend ( moving with me as well) went to both campus. Unfortunately, we got more help at Umet and was able to sit down with the director, get our transcripts evaluated, admitted, signed up for classes, and get a tour of the facility. Umet nursing building and classes are well equipped with the necessary simulators and tools to succeed. Right now I am torn between the two, because both has its pros and cons. I will be heading back there the second or third week of May. This time geared towards La inter.
    Hey Liz! have you made a final decision? I'm finishing my first year @ UMET in Cupey .. but looking foward to start at UMET in Bayamon in Aug.
  9. by   RNLizzie
    Unfortunately, no Guerra! I won't make my final decision until I return in May to apply to La inter. Then I will go from there and see which school will best accomdate me!
  10. by   RNLizzie
    Nursekeke I know your trying to come next month! If there's anyway possible you should come. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
  11. by   AlaBro2010
    I wanted to post and say I will be leaving the Inter once I graduate.
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  12. by   npandres
    [font="verdana"]been acouple days since i have been on still no apartment yet been looking online buti think i’m going to try and make a visit to see potential places
  13. by   npandres
    15 comment yaaaa!