CRNAs in Puerto Rico?

  1. Does anyone know about any CRNAs working in PR? I only know about The Interamerican University of Arecibo offering a Master's in Science of Anesthesia. Are there any other universities offering this MS? What's the average salary in PR? I have a friend who told me it's cheaper to study down there and that it's really easy to pass the certification 'cause they prepare you really well....Is this true? I tried searching the web but there seems to be limited info about CRNA programs in PR. THanks!
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  3. by   nilepoc
    Start your search with the

    Here is their info on the programs there.

    Schools in Peurto Rico

    In case the link did not work here is the text.

    InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
    Master of Science in Anesthesia
    P.O. Box 4050
    Arecibo, PR 00614


    Program Information
    Date of Last Review: 10/2000
    Next Review Date: 10/2004
    Degree(s): Master of Science in Anesthesia
    Program Length: 24 months
    Starting Month(s): AUG


    Josue R Ramos, CRNA, MS, Program Director
    ph: (787) 878-5475 ext. 2504
    fax: (787) 881-3831


    University of Puerto Rico
    Medical Sciences Campus
    School of Nursing
    P.O. Box 365067
    San Juan, PR 00936


    Program Information
    Date of Last Review: 05/2000
    Next Review Date: 05/2004
    Degree(s): MSN with Specialty in Anesthesia
    Program Length: 25 months
    Starting Month(s): AUG


    Crucita Mattei, CRNA, MSN, Program Director
    Gladys Vlez, RN, MSN, Graduate Department Director
    ph: (787) 758-2525 ext. 5613
    fax: (787) 281-0721

  4. by   NOPAIN
    Also you need to know Spanish (communicate, read, understand). Classes could be either English or Spanish, textbooks most likely English, communication with your patients Spanish. Therefore you need to be bilingual.
  5. by   Alexandres
    Great info!

    I have been wondering about this for a while, but finally did a search. Another question that I've been pondering is are there practicing CRNA's in PR? I have read about the low wages for RN's, does this carry over to CRNA's as well?

  6. by   JHC
    Yes. I just moved to PR and there are CRNAs here. The pay is about as much as in some of the lowest paying states in USA. I know one who's making 5,250.00 a month. Mondays to fridays. She has a part time job with another hospital on weekends carrying the oncall pager. I think they pay her 150.00 per shift for carrying the pager. If she gets called in she gets paid per hour plus the 150.00 but I'm not sure how much.

    I checked out the program at the Universidad Interamericana and it's very good! I think they have like a 98-99 percent passing rate on the certification board exam. Less than half of the students enrolled on the first semester end the program. They're very strict on GPA maintanance.

    You don't need Spanish for the classes but you do for the practice. Patients are Spanish speakers.

    A few hospitals here in PR pay for the masters, including books etc... and give you $1,000.00 stipend per month. Once you finish you have to serve them for 4 years. That's the case of this girl I mentioned. Hospital Susoni (I don't know how to spell it) sponsored her.
  7. by   Alexandres
    Wow, I did not even know about this possibility.

    I am originally from PR and it would be awesome to work there at some point, as well as to study there since I still have family there. Have to brush up on my Spanish though. Conversational is pretty good, but learning all the medical terms will be a challenge.

    Still have to finish up the nursing program, but it does provide some inspiration!

  8. by   JHC
    Don't worry, ALL the medical terminology is in English including Doctors' orders, physicals, I mean EVERYTHING everywhere in PR. I've only known one Dr. who writes all his orders in Spanish and that was actually weird, every one found it strange it and hard to comprehend. He was a nationalist and hated English, the US and the rest of the world.
  9. by   Alexandres
    Hi JHC,

    So are you and your friend native Spanish speakers? If not, how has the transition been for you?
  10. by   Icare4all
    Anybody has any info about the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico CRNA program? I would like to know more. Please let me know.