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Dear all-

What are the best schools for BS programs for non-nurses with a college degree? I would be very interested in applying to that type of program as I have a BA but want to get into nursing - I know Columbia and Johns Hopkins have excellent programs, any other recommendations?

Many thanks for your help!


I attend Villa Julie. They have an accelerated BSN program for students that have a previous Bachelor's degree.


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There are plenty of good second-degree programs out there, but if you are concerned about rankings you can check the US News rankings.

The main ones that are offered in Maryland are:

Johns Hopkins

University of Maryland

Villa Julie College

Towson University

College of Notre Dame

Salisbury University

I may have forgotten some, but those are the most popular schools in this state. I think as far a rankings go the 2 that ranked in Maryland are JHU(5) and UMD(10), but from what I hear all of the above have excellent programs.

University of Texas at Austin has accelerated program. Check out their website.

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