Nursing programs in CA?


My grades are pretty bad. I have a history class I failed 5 years ago, and 2 C's in intermediate algebra and chemistry. The rest of my grades are A's and B's but I know with grades like this I won't get into any nursing program nearby. I'm currently majoring in Human biology in hopes that will help me get into an RN program. since I also want to finish my major I was wondering if there are still any nursing programs in CA that have a wait list. I don't mind waiting a couple of years while I finish my BS in Himan bio. Thank you!


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I think you may need to obtain more information and ask a question that relates to your situation. Your grades aren't that bad but you are getting a BS degree. Do you mean to ask about ABSN programs? Or an MSN after your degree is completed? Have you done your nursing prereqs? Some programs have wait lists for the specific cohorts but as far as I know you have to reapply every year to nursing programs. Not sure if you are asking about a wait list that's years long? Maybe do a little research into CA nursing programs and ask more detailed questions and you will get more responses [emoji4]


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Southern or northern Cali? A cc or uni, or private?


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Anything but private. Any part of California

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I don't think many schools do waitlists anymore. Pasadena City College and Glendale Community College do a lottery (from what I remember). Go to the website and there is a list of all accredited nursing schools. Check each website and find out from there if nobody on the board knows of any waitlist schools. Also, I failed a math class and got a C in a prereq. I did not get into any BSN program but I was accepted into all ADN programs I applied to (LA County, PCC, GCC, MtSAC). There's hope for you :) My advice to you would be to retake the class you got an F in. Most schools will count the highest grade.