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Nursing prerequisites?

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. This question pertains to nurses in California, more specifically nursing students in California. I am completing my general ed and was wondering if Chem 2B (organic chemistry) was required as well as Biochem. Sacramento state only requires inorganic chemistry and some schools require organic chemistry and biochem. I plan on applying to almost all csu nursing school programs across California. I was wondering if a majority of them require organic chemistry and biochem. Also what is the easiest nursing school to get into? I don't have the best gpa (3.5) so I'm worried about not getting into any program. If any of you who recently got accepted into a nursing program in California have any insight at all that would be greatly appreciated.

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You should look at some of the threads on the California nursing forum. People have posted their grades & TEAS scores so can look at them for reference. I've looked into 2 cal states & they only require general Chem as a pre-req. But also look on the school sites for more info about admission requirements.

Each school has its own requirements. You can always rest assured that you will meet most situations if you go ahead and take complete sequences of subjects, rather than look for the minimum. This is also a practice that one can engage in if they have completed their requirements and are waiting to be accepted to programs A or B. If taking biochem after organic chem makes you eligible for program C, you are ahead of the game.

I don't know of any CSU programs that require O Chem, most only require combination or general chemistry. I know UCLA and UCI require O Chem, but their programs are some of the most difficult to get into, especially for transfers since they're both DE programs.

As far as easier programs goes, look at the schools that are often overlooked. They're generally in "not so great" locations, but it would only have to be a temporary thing. Fresno State, CSUB, CSUSM, CSUN, CSUS, CSUDH those kinds of schools - the ones no one really talks about going to. I don't know exact numbers for any of these, except CSUB. I'm at CSUB and people accepted to their nursing program have an average 3.6 GPA (both prereq and science) and an 83 TEAS V. Not sure what your TEAS scores are, or if you've even taken it yet, but If you have a 3.5 I wouldn't say it's too much of a reach as long as you do well on the TEAS. CSUB does favor local residents and returning students (10 extra points for each - total 20 extra points) so you might have to do quite a bit better on the TEAS to make up for that, but if you can get around a 90-93 I'd say you have a good shot.


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