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I am applying to different nursing agencies and they all want physicals. Does anyone have a generic nursing physical form i can use? I don't have the ability or the funds to go to the doctor every time i need a new physical

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Go to an urgent care and photocopy the completed form.

Interesting. Every place I have ever worked that wanted a physical or tox screen paid for it. Never been asked to provide one.

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If you have health insurance, you should be able to get an annual physical with no out-of-pocket costs.

And I agree with CharleeFoxtrot. If a prospective employer wants a pre-employment physical or UDS, they need to perform it or pay for it. I have never and will never pay a penny out of pocket for anything like this. An employer that requires something like this but requires prospective employees to pay for it themselves if not an employer I'd care to work for. My last pre-employment "physical" involved filling out some forms and an LPN testing my vision, checking my BP and planting a PPD.

Also why would you need a new physical for every application? No one has a physical more than once/year.

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