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Do any of you have Nursing Perspective class(aka Trends)? We're havin our first test Monday. Most of our material consists of common sense stuff, but don't really know what to expect on the test. Any ideas.:eek:


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Trends mostly common sense stuff as you mentioned. Vocations in nursing, religion, Laws, cultures..

We had a Nursing in Society class which seems similar to what you are taking. We discussed nursing history and how nursing has evolved, legal/ethical issues, the nurse practice act, nursing education, and the shortage. We didn't have any tests though, we just had to write a ton of papers.


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We have an issues and trends class in our senior year (I'm taking it this summer). It is a great class and covers things like legal/ethical issues and what is going on with the nursing shortage. It's a wonderful discussion class and I can't wait to take it!!

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It sounds like psychosocial stuff

Standards of practice

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