Just a couple questions....

  1. When giving dilaudid (IVP) or morphine....do you dilute it first?
    Do you normally take vitals before/after giving these meds?

    I've seen it done both ways and I'm wondering what's standard practice. Thanks!
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  3. by   Hay, RN
    I have also wondered about this. What I do (not saying it's correct):
    If the patient is on it every four hours (as needed) I don't generally get a whole set of vitals, I just put the pulse ox on them and leave it there for about 15 minutes to make sure they don't quit breathing. As for diluting the medications that is a big no no no no no no. At least to the patients ( go figure ). However, on our emar morphine is now coming up with a note to dilute it and push it slowly over 5 minutes. But there's not a note to dilute the dilaudid. That'd be sort of alterting the medication.
  4. by   turnforthenurse
    Where I work, some dilute, some don't.

    You should always check the patient's BP and RR prior to giving and monitor during therapy, as well.
  5. by   RainMom
    Quote from Hay, RN
    But there's not a note to dilute the dilaudid. That'd be sort of alterting the medication.
    Our eMAR & my drug book indicate that dilaudid can be diluted with NS which I pretty much always do; otherwise, how can you push it slow? Only time I don't is if I can push it higher on the line & let the drip flush it through. Had a pt a few nights ago request that I not push it via the IV port, but directly into the catheter "so that it gets there quicker". She was not happy when I did so, but diluted it in 4 ml NS, pushed slowly & then reattached her NS drip rather than giving a quick flush. She stated that she didn't get that "burning" in her chest like she normally does & didn't like it when I told her that having that happen wasn't a good thing!

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