Gave short acting insulin instead of long acting

  1. So today I gave my patient her normal dosage but wrong insulin. She is supposed to get Lantus but I gave her a clear short acting insulin by mistake. I watched her for any signs of hypoglycemia but she had none. She had a snack and I watched her for 4 hours, she seemed fine. I reported the error to my head nurse. I am just so nervous that I hurt her or could have bottemed her out
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  3. by   Jules A
    It happens. Try to take it as a learning experience. Hugs, Jules
  4. by   imintrouble
    I did it too. Immediately called the doc and threw myself on his mercy. It was a large dose of R instead of the 70/30 the pt had ordered. I had to start IV fld. It's the worst nursing memory I have. I could have killed this pt as the dose was given in the am just before I left. If I had not recognized my mistake I would have left and the day nurse may not have recognized s/s of hypoglycemia. It was a skilled facility and the pt was very confused. I always have another nurse check my insulin now.
  5. by   chillchick
    Do you have a routine when giving meds?
    I check the "5 Rs" - right medication, right patient, right route, right time, right dose... it is a good way to just double check and it becomes an instinctive part of giving meds.
  6. by   LoveANurse09
    good for you for admitting your mistake. It happens. You did all the right things, monitored for complications, gave her a snack, called the doc. Take it as a learning experience, but I'm sure you'll never make that mistake again!

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