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  1. by   EarthChild1130
    There is a brand-spanking new formation of Effexor out called Pristiq...it's called desvenlafaxine...it's got one molecule different, which makes it basically LONG long-acting Effexor LOL...sort of like how Janssen re-did Risperdal into paliperidone and called it Invega.

    Anyhow, Pristiq is working VERY well for the patients we've prescribed it for. It has a less severe side effect profile than venlafaxine, and since it has a longer half-life, if you miss a dose you don't get those terrible side effects. The only problem we've seen so far in our patients is increased blood pressure in one patient, but that is a listed side effect. Dose range is 50-100mg po qAM.
  2. by   barefoot_girl
    Gee, I am really glad I stumbled onto this thread.

    I diagnosed myself with depression about 13 or 14 years ago. It was all situational at the time (brother committed suicide, father died 4 months later, found my husband cheating with what I thought was my best friend, and was fearful I was about to be down-sized). I dealt with it.

    Then, about 6 or 8 years ago I realized I was depressed. Sleep issues, weight gain, no energy, moody, tearful, yadda yadda.

    I went on Welbutrin 150 bid and life was amazingly good.

    I had TAH in 2003 and went through surgical menopause but did not want to do HRT because of the breast cancer risk. Ended up on it after not sleeping for about 3 months.

    Was diagnosed with breast CA in 9/06 - ER+/PR+. Sometimes life just sucks. I did the surgery/chemo/radiation and am now on an aromatase inhibitor. I cannot even begin to describe my hot flashes as hot flashes. They happen some days every 15 to 20 minutes. Bed linens soaked. It got so I would wake up, topless, with my head at the foot of the bed most mornings (uh, the breeze from the ceiling fan is coolest there).

    LSS, I talked to the Onc NP about the sweats and hot-flashes. She asked me if I had given any thought to trying Effexor. I started with the 37.5 bid, then 75 bid and now take 225 daily. No more hot flashes!!! OMG is that a wonderful drug!

    I didn't exactly get in my GYN's face about the use of HRT versus an antidepressant to treat menopausal symptoms but I did ask him why he didn't offer it in lieu of HRT. His response: "well, it doesn't work for everybody."

    I have seven, nurse friends, all in the same age group (50's) all breast cancer survivors. And you know what? Effexor works for all 8 of us. Not exactly statistical significance but darned well worth a try.


  3. by   newLPN04
    I was on this drug for anxiety. It helped with the anxiety really well, but it got to where I could just blink and the most horrible images would come into my mind, and in full color. This happened several times while I was driving. It happened at other times also, and really scared me, so I started weaning myself off of the Effexor. I won't ever take it again.