Can Fentanyl Patches Be Replaced Sooner to Improve Pain Control? - page 2

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  1. by   sethmctenn
    I've also heard a lot of complaints about the generic patches. I've had complaints about Mylan and Sandoz both. It seems that the Mylan patches stick better than the gel filled Sandoz patches but for some people don't provide as much pain relief. The Mylan patches are smaller than Sandoz or Watson.
  2. by   tewdles
    to echo the sentiments of my fellow hospice nurses...evidence based practice allows for a 48hr schedule with the patches because it improves pain control for some people.

    yes, that is expensive...but it is worth it when it works.
  3. by   MarciCRN
    I work in hospice, if a patch isn't holding for the 72 hrs then we assess that the pt needs a higher dose or something for break-thru if the patch is already a high dose. Over 200 mcg/hr we D/C the patch and we do a SQ dilaudid or MS PCA, but as I said that is Hospice.