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I was wondering how many hours a month you are required to work in Oregon in order to keep your nursing license? Thanks!

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It's not determined by the month---last time I renewed, it was 900 hours in the previous 5 years. There are also no continuing ed requirements, although no one should ever turn down opportunities to further their knowledge. Hope this is helpful.


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I suggest you also PM stevierae or cmggriff...they are both in Oregon.

I thought Oregon required CEUs (???)

(I live 5 minutes North of the state line and 20 minutes from Portland and have never "bothered" to get an Oregon license).


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Renewal Requirements for Oregon

RN/LPN Practice Requirement

To renew your RN or LPN license, you also must meet the practice requirement for Oregon in one of these ways:

Practice nursing for a minimum of 960 hours during the previous five years.

Successfully complete an approved reentry program wihtin the two year preceding renewal.

Graduate from an OSBN-approved nursing program within the past five years.

If you are unable to meet the practice requirement, you will be required to complete an approved re-entry program before licensure. Although the OSBN encourages nurses to participate in continuing education programs as a professional responsibility, Oregon does not require continuing education credits/hours for licensure.

Link to Oregon Board of Nursing where this was taken from:

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