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  1. Okay, so now I have yet another question in mind. Even though through EC you have to take the big ole' CPNE test is that easier to get into rather than having to go through something like ISU's course. I am unsure if I have this right in my mind, but doesn't EC supply you with everything needed (at a cost) instead of having to make the decision to use a publishing company like TCN?

    Maybe I'm making this more confusing than anything - I am not thrilled that I would have to do something like the CPNE with EC, but if maybe it would less pricy then going with TCN/ISU's program I'd put up with it. I mean as long as you prepare yourself and study extremely hard, then you'll be alright. I know I'll be horrible, and probably fail it, but it's worth a try no?

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  3. by   anticoagulationurse
    Excelsior does give you free (print or downloadable) content guides for each exam, and the CPNE study guide is also included in tuition. Books and supplemental stuff is not included. TCN, RUE, Chancellors, etc are extra and not affiliated with the college (though they try to claim to be which confuses students). If I was an educator I could sell supplemental guides and learning tools specific to Excelsior college too. Well, I could do so even if I am not an educator! Like Lisa Arends, and those offering private info/workshops on how to pass exams (Tina and others). I have some files I send for free - see post up top, Passing the CPNE...".

    Besides books, all one theoretically needs to pass all of EC exams including the CPNE is included in the cost of each exam. The only supplement to the stuff provided by EC I used (and got A's and B's and passed the CPNE first try) was the online practice exams through EC. THey also offer workshops and conferences at an extra cost. So do private companies. Whether you need to invest in them to pass or not, is up to you as a student.

    One thing that really helped me study for the CPNE in addition to reading the CPNE study guide (provided by EC) 14 times to the point of memorization, is I found an online study buddy through allnurses. Or, actually, she found me! We emailed care plans and it helped getting another's imput.
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  4. by   Annie2005
    So honestly EC is actually the better buy if your speaking solely in money value. I also looked at their website and it's so much more straight forward than other sites I've looked at. I don't care if I get my BSN right at this moment, I just wanna get my RN so I can move forward in my career. I'm so ready to apply to EC....lol.

    I understand about the whole payment schedule thing and they seem more apt to help with their choices of payment plans - which I really like. I'm sure once I get into studying for the CPNE it won't seem so scary, besides I have all of you fine people/nurses out there to help calm me down..lol.

    I noticed it speaks about taking exams and whatnot, which I'm assuming I have to pay out of pocket for right??? I'm also quite sure your gonna tell me it's like 200 bucks to take a test? EEEk. Ease my fears will ya?

    Thanks again for the quick response, you've helped me set my mind into focus on what I need rather than what I want.

  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    right now the concept test are $220 a piece. i noticed you are a nursing student ,you are aware of the qualifications needed for ec and isu. ec has payment plans for the initial fee , cpne and i believe they have something for the concept test as well. i just figured up for me right at $4k and i have all my pre-classes done. ec does have some scholarship opportunities you could check into.
  6. by   Annie2005
    Ahhh, I see. So I suppose not sooooo terrible. I'm gonna think about it some more, discuss this with my family, and go from there. I need to find out though where it says I'm a nursing student. I'm an LPN and have been one for one year now...probably need to change my profile I suppose.

    Thank you all for your support and quick replies - I've got a ton to think about and talk with the family about. EC at this moment seems the better choice right now. Everything is going to cost a pretty penny at this point I'm sure.

  7. by   anticoagulationurse
    Depends on your needs, what is the better buy. That's what I hear on allnurses anyway. I personally think any company outside Excelsior is un-necessary and a scam (because of their marketing tactics and trying to come off as a "school of nursing" or "college"). But some people really seem to benefit from the guided packages. Studying for an EC exam could be very scattered and not linear if you allow yourself to get overwhelmed. I was fine with that.

    As for paying, I did pay cash for the whole thing as I went. I know they have payment plans and I think you can divy up the amount of all the exams you'll have to take and they break it up evenly so your payments are spread out. But (I think) you have to be paid up before they let you graduate. Not sure on that one, but I do know they don't charge interest. My employer reimbursed me for part of each exam after I proved I passed. That was helpful as I just rolled the repayment into the next payment for the next exam. They were like $225 each I think. Really not too bad for 4 credits each exam!!! (3 credits now I think). Also, if you have to you an always try and get a personal loan through a credit union... After all said and done, I really think EC is a good deal, probably half of what I would have spent going to my local nursing school not to mention I couldn't have worked full time if I had done so, there would have been that money lost as well.
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  8. by   CSLee3
    Annie2005...I will say this: I used Chancellors study guides exclusively and NEVER bought or borrowed a textbook. Passed every exam. Then went to their Careplan workshop for one week. Passed CPNE no repeats. It is NOT a SCAM. YES it is costly. NO you don't have to use them, however, it is totally up to you. Are you near bookstores, where you can scrounge for books, get into a bidding war on ebay for books. etc. I knew I was spending extra money using Chancellors but they did a lot of legwork for me, sent me up to date guides and perhaps the most important...prepared me for the CPNE. It is a decision that you have to make. It will cost you more of course, and you do not absolutely have to use a publisher. But I, like others DID benefit from it and don't look at it as a waste of time or money. EC was the way to go for me and Chancellors just helped keep me on track. I did study buddy with people who had purchased EC recommended text books and such...we can out about even on the costs at the end of the program. I wish you luck. You can do it!