Where can I find excelsior Study guides if I'm not a student?

  1. Is there any way for people who are not enrolled in excelsior to obtain study guides. I'm transferring programs and I'm scheduled to take a med-surg exam and was looking at other threads and someone said that CLEP exams are made by excelsior so I'm looking into the study guides for help. I just need some that cover med surg, any help
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  3. by   smitty10
    I know that they have study guides for the nursing concepts series. you can access those by going to the the excelsior website. I'm not utilizing the CLEP so not able to give you much info pertaining to that specific exam, but again try the website. www.excelsior.edu
    Hope this helps!!!!
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    Excelsior has nothing to do with CLEP. CLEP exams are a product of the College Board (http://www.collegeboard.com/student/...lep/about.html). There are no CLEP tests for actual nursing subjects.

    The Excelsior exams aren't really broken down in a way where one section is med/surg. In any case, yes, the exams content guides are only available for enrolled students, so non-students won't be able to access them.