What do you think of your online nursing experience?

  1. I have just completed the exit HESI for A&M C.C. and wanted to know what others found challenging and rewarding in their distance ed. experience.
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  3. by   CNA2day
    I am interested to hear the replies!
  4. by   texashyles
    The following represent my experience with my online program in Texas.

    (1) flexible schedule
    (2) makes returning to school more feasible for those who already have family or jobs (myself: married with 5 kiddos ages 9 and under)
    (3) good for students who are efficient readers and can absorb and integrate read material.

    (1). difficult to "get a read" on professors (some what succinct simple work assignments while others want lengthy rationale..you do not know what is expected from each until well into the class)
    (2). possible difficulty locating clinical rotation sites because distance students are spread across the state
    (3) less ability to interact with other students at same level in program
    (4) my school required more work of the online students (i.e., more assignments)
    (5) impossible if not self-motivated
    (6) difficult if student is an interactive learner
  5. by   caliotter3
    I came to the end of the Excelsior program and found the nursing tests to be acceptable but was unable to complete due to the high cost of the final CPNE. There were no financing options available to me to allow me to schedule the CPNE before my program end date.
  6. by   slelder
    Oh wow! I'm sorry to hear that. So what are you going to do?
  7. by   caliotter3
    I'm looking for a new program, unfortunately it looks like I will have to repeat my science courses.
  8. by   slelder
    So with everything you did at Excelsior, none of it will transfer out unless you take and pass the clinical portion? I really wanted to do the Excelsior thing, but I was just sooo afraid of hanging all of that hard work on a clinical that was stuffed into one weekend and have it all end badly for me if I do not do well. I really wish they had another option for clinicals.
  9. by   caliotter3
    Non-transferability of nursing courses is not exclusive of Excelsior. Most nursing schools will not accept nursing courses from other schools with very few exceptions, perhaps a course here or a course there. Excelsior's CPNE is the undoing of many, but it still represents a very viable alternative for those who can not complete a traditional program.
  10. by   Cdavila
    Im so sorry to hear that!! wow..i dont know what to say