What are web courses like?

  1. Hi all, I question the web courses thinking they may not provide as much learning as the in-class courses. I havent taken any so I wouldnt really know which is why I would like to hear from anyone that has taken web courses...like microbiology, chemistry, etc. These courses scare me even when thinking of taking them in-class. :imbar How do they manage to fit labs in the courses?? Any information will certainly be appreciated. Thanks,
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  3. by   purplemania
    My degree program is 100% online and I love it. The assignments are posted for me to retrieve whenever I please. There are deadlines given, of course. Testing can be done online too, using passwords and special software the school has installed. We end up doing a lot of reading and searching the web for info. The instructor takes questions via email or phone. We have a site to ask questions so that everyone can benefit from each other's questions and responses. You have to be self-motivated, but the flexibility is great. As for labs, they can be assigned for specific dates and times with the clinical instructor or a preceptor who will report to your professor. Or you might be given a choice of dates, or told to work something out with the instructor/lab. Some labs include computer work with questions designed to show you have done the tasks. Hope this helps.
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    I've taken many online classes also - just pre-req courses though. Some are all online, some have 1 or 2 classroom meetings. I'm a very self-motivated student, and the worked well for me. I will be going the traditional route for nursing school, but online gave me the chance to get ahead in taking courses. I would not have had the time to do all of them traditionally, and spend time with my 4 kids, take care of the house, etc. Plus I live in the boonies, so it saved lots of travel time and gas.