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Hi All, I'm new to this site and to the field of nursing. Has anyone gone to this school and if so, what did you think? I live in San Diego, CA, and there is an online program that this... Read More

  1. by   lnku26
    wow, that is a lot of applicants! Does anyone know if SD is still taking a little under 60 like they did for fall?
  2. by   enb611
    Last time I spoke to someone they mentioned that they were taking around 60 applicants for San Diego, but who knows with all the changes.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. by   deemalt
    Hi to all of you who are applying.

    Don't give up! I am about to graduate from the SD campus and if I have learned anything throughout this program it is that things are always changing. Do not be discouraged by how many applicants there are or how many students they claim that they are taking. This always changes which is why they always accept so many alternates. Think of it this way, they want your money. Additionally, though they may be closing the OU program, there is lots of talk of other schools forming a partnership or taking over. This is a desirable program and with so many people applying I just can't imagine that they would completely bury it. Just keep working hard and get good grades on your pre-reqs!
  4. by   huggiebear1979
    Does anyone have the stats for the Oklahoma OU accelerated programs? ie...Lawton-Duncan, Tulsa, Oklahoma City??? thanks in advance...
  5. by   4boys0girls
    Quote from huggiebear1979
    Hi Everyone, I applied for the Lawton-Duncan campus in Oklahoma, Far as OU's GPA system...I have a 3.5 Cumulative G.P.A, but my science is supremely low, because of the Chemistry and Microbiology, I had a D my first try in Chemistry and a C in Micro (Right now, I'm taking Chemistry again) I think i will be able to manage a B, but if I'm calculating my science G.P.A correctly that would make my Science G.P.A a 2.3, Do you think that even though the science G.P.A is low, that they will look at the Cumulative G.P.A also, and make a judgement based on that, or do they look at the science G.P.A solely, thanks in advance, Angela

    If you are willing to attend the Duncan campus -- you will be accepted. This campus has not reached it's admissions quota since it opened. If you are not from this area, I would strongly suggest you consider not attending the Duncan campus (very different place and time). Well wishes -- not to worry, you will be accepted!
  6. by   4boys0girls
    Quote from huggiebear1979
    Does anyone have the stats for the Oklahoma OU accelerated programs? ie...Lawton-Duncan, Tulsa, Oklahoma City??? thanks in advance...

    Are you referring to the NCLEX pass rate stats? See link:

    Tulsa has the highest percentile and Lawton has the lowest.
  7. by   huggiebear1979
    Thanks for your response, I was actually referring to the stats of how many students are applying for the program and how many typically get accepted. That's good to hear on Lawton-Duncan, for me, that is the campus I prefer since I live in Lawton, I also applied to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Tx, and 95 percent sure I will get accepted there, but it is about an hour drive, and a two year program vs Lawton being a 14 month and only being about a thirty minute drive. Far as the NCLEX, appreciate the heads up on that...good luck to everybody who is waiting to hear if they got admitted to their programs.....
  8. by   karree2000
    I talked to someone today and SD has about 200 applicants.
  9. by   enb611
    Just curious if anyone has heard any thing new about the ABSN program and what the details are for the Summer 2010 cohort?
  10. by   sdgirl27
    Yeah does anyone have any word on when the committee is meeting?
  11. by   Rolliepolee
    Quote from Merced0301
    Hi RolliePollee, I'm not too picky when it comes to roommates but it would be nice to have someone who's also in the program =) ummmm $800 seems a little much especially since they suggest that we dont work. I'm coming from up north so I was wondering if there's an easier way to look at apartments other than driving down to the area. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks =)
    Hi Merced0301, you can find cheaper places if you don't mind living a little further out. I'd consider renting from individual owners rather than apt complexes, which is usually cheaper. Check Craigslist! And I'm sure you can get a place without looking at apartments, but I think it's a bit risky. Maybe talk to an apartment finder? I did when I first moved here, and they were very helpful!
  12. by   Merced0301
    thanks RolliePolle do you know which areas would be best?
  13. by   sholey12345
    Just wondering if anyone had any updates on admission decisions. Has anyone heard if the committee has met yet? I'm starting to get anxious...