Stressed, stressed

  1. contemplating taking chronicity, took practice exams and whammo 2 69's, thinking after looking at the ones wrong boy I should of known them. Simple little terms. Yeah and i get the most of the hard ones right. Okay maybe I just need a day from looking at this LOL. Should of waited to take form B. In between looking for a new job. But yes, interviewing tommorrow for a ER Tech position. Thinking this might be good experience. Another one on telemetry waiting for a call back. Hopefully between studying and all the running etc..all will work out.
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  3. by   NC Girl BSN
    Hang in there, You can pass with those scores but if you want an A or B, you may want to study a little more. My philosophy was if I made a 65% or higher, then I would take the test. Your not gonna score super high on the practice exams anyway.
  4. by   toby4
    Thank you NCgirl, just been putting it off I guess way too much. Maybe just needing a push.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Don't put it off too much. I know how a person can get so busy that they just put these tests on the back burner and the time passes by!
  6. by   Raggedy Ann
    Quote from toby4
    Thank you NCgirl, just been putting it off I guess way too much. Maybe just needing a push.
    "PUSH" Well...I have given you your push, now get busy. ~Hugs~ Traci
  7. by   toby4
    LOL, yes Traci, this one has been a drag my feet exam. First 2 I managed to get done in less time going to schedule it for this week. In between job hunting and interviewing and trying to study has set me off track. Glad to be finally finished with looking for a job. Going to be a different experience. I accepted an offer with a position as an ER tech.
  8. by   Raggedy Ann
    Toby, know how you feel. I took and passed my last NC exam back early Feb...Just took and passed info. lit. during the past week and a half, and that is all I have done since Feb. How bad is that. Who needs the push? LOL! I honestly think it is because I will be CPNE eligible once I pass Soc., and that scares me. I have got to start studying Soc. this next week, and take it within the next 3 weeks. I plan on clepping it. Toby...We can do this! Traci
  9. by   toby4
    Yes, and proud of you finishing the exams. I just been in between trying to do alot. My dad just had an Laryngectomy with speech device placement and tumor removal. All kinds of things going on. Girl you can do it I thank you for the concern and encouragement as well. WE WILL GET THROUGH ALL OF THIS. Best wishes on your Soc. exam.