Straighterline A&P with Lab - page 2

Just finished A&P 1 and 2 with straighterline and loved it . Only problem i had was the 2 labs were 500 bucks. So i did a little research and paid 180 for both. If you search online for home science... Read More

  1. by   Theone40
    I received an A for both classes. It was a lot of work and pretty time consuming. Make sure whatever school you are transfering to will takes classes from straighterline. In CA i could not find one JC that would take A&P from straigherline.
  2. by   excited1
    Thank you lvnrnmd2be. Glad to hear that people out there were able to get A's. I am not going to be transferring those credits to a Jr. College and the college I am applying to is a partner school with SL. Thanks again for the reply!
  3. by   Robins19
    Did anyone do this for the microbiology lab from straighterline?