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  1. hi everyone!! i havent been posting in the forum for many months, i dont know if a few of you remember me but i had passed my boards for the LPN in miami last year July, i will be an LPN for ONE year this flys...after ALL of the tortorous thinking about the traditional or distant learning programs for the RN i have decided to go the EC seems like this will be the best route for me to go...i can;t see myself NOT working again to finish a traditional program..i can;t stand the brown nosing of some of the students in the class and teachers treating you like Cr@p...anyhoots...i can;t help also but to feel a little nervous about the dreaded aware of the changes so i do plan on enrolling before the deadline, i want to thank all the people here who have supported me all through out my LPN program last year and so forth like Ericenfermero, marie, siri, anticoagulationnurse and the list goes on!! and i am looking forward to have ur help through my EC for my experience as an LPN this first year, its been rather interesting...since then i have moved from florida back home to new york and boy has it changed!;s here are not allowed to do half of what i was allowed to do in florida..i use to do home visits on the side like Bp monitoring, insulin administration, iv therapy and so forth, its been rather difficult to get a job where i am a least a bit happy...i feel as though i am only limited to nursing homes and hospitals at (low pay)...btw hospitals are very skeptical about LPN's here..its a shame that we are looked down upon, oh and forget about me telling them where i got my training..they think florida its EASY to get your lpn and i am VERY PROUD of my training in florida, and i know i can run circles around an RN, but i wish it didnt have to be this way...*Sigh* moves on...SO!!!...EC here I Come!!! (god willing)...Some encouragement for making my decision would be greatly appreciated. thanks...Im back guys!
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    Sounds like life has been interesting recently! Good luck as you continue your studies.
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    hi sue,
    i too am a lpn with 8 yrs exp. mostly rehab geri and skilled. i know exactly what you mean regarding the restraints placed on our practice as lpn's. i have been fortunate in that i have had to opportunity to work in as many setting as i qualified for. in addition to the regular charge nurse and staff positions in ltc, i have also done, home health nurse, director of nursing (alf), facility administrator, outpatient clinic nurse, medical record review specialist and psych crisis. the only thing i am truly lacking is that of acute care. i am currently working with disabled vets - (va hosp) i desire to transition to an acute floor. i feel that being on medical floor will benefit me greatly when attending a distant learning program. the good thing about the va is that they are a teaching hosp. and are willing to teach you rn type skills. they actually allow lpn's to do a lot, with the exception of hanging blood products and managing central lines. i am in the process of relocating soon and would like to con't my rn pursuit with excelsior. i have been taking prereqs on part-time basis for 7 yrs. i am still at the gathering information phase. i would love to have a partner to converse with. what setting are you working in ? when will you be starting your classes?

    best wishes.
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    Sue...good luck and congrats.....You can do it! I did EC and never looked back..glad I made that decision. It allowed me to stay in the workforce and support my family! Be sure and get in before OCT 1st before the CPNE changes. There are soooooo many EC grads out here to pull support from. Just remember that.
    HOLD you head high, we know what LVN/LPNs are and where they come from!

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    What are the changes coming to CPNE?