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A few weeks ago I posted that I failed my second test for EC and that I quit! I was so heartbroken and horrified about it and let my frustration have the best of me. So in the meantime I have spent... Read More

  1. by   NC Girl BSN
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    Please do not give up let me tell you about me, first I took exam one and passed then exam 2 and failed twice, the I went to exam 3 and failed. At this point I felt that I was the dumpmist person in the world, but the truth is that you have to learn how to self study. I used the cd's on ebay and the exam question that you pay for through excelsior. After passing these exam I failed the cpne twice and just passed last weekend. Keep your head up and relearn how to study.
    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story of determination. It is stories like these that keep others motivated and let them know that this program can be done. It sounds like your journey has been a long one. Enjoy your VICTORY, you have worked hard for it.
  2. by   Law of Fives
    You can do it! I can't remember who mentioned this, but it's true, you have to focus on 'self study'. People will recommend different things that work for them, but the one thing that the vast amount of different approaches should communicate to you is the fact that different things work for different people. You have to find what works for you.

    My approach evolved over the course of taking the different exams. What I ended with was basically taking the study guide, and going bullet by bullet, until I felt I had a decent understanding of the general idea. I mainly used Lisa's notes and google, as well as co-workers (nurses, doctors, paramedics, online acquaintences). Then after only 1-2 wks(max) I would take one of the two excelsior practice exams that are offered by excelsior. This would bring to the surface any deficiencies, as well as serve as a resource as the rationales given for the correct and incorrect answers are very informative. I again would study lisa's notes various online texts/websites, use nursing books on the different nursing units I work, ask other nurses, sometimes ask doctors, paramedics, anyone I felt might have some insight. This took about 4-6 weeks. Then I took the second practice exam. I would then schedule the exam for the following week. I rarely scored above a 70 on the practice exams, but never scored below a B on the actual exam (was about 50:50 between A's and B's). I rarely study for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time. I used the study guide as my base, to basically tell me what to study. Focus on one bullet in the study guide at a time, and 'learn' it!

    That is what worked for me. If taking notes, and making flash cards is what works for you, then go with that. I find the practice exams and the study guide as well as online notes/texts and acquaintences to have been my best resource.

    Good luck!
  3. by   RNFinally12

    i feel your pain. i also failed 2 exams with ec. i thought my time would never come and i would never pass an exam. through the help of a friend in my traditional rn class i was put in touch with the pearson exam cram nclex book. i had read several test taking skills before receiving this book and nothing worked. the book breaks everything down for you and also gives you practice questions. prior to taking my last two exams i read the test taking pages (3-4pages) on answer questions. it has done wonders. i passed hd1 and reproductive health with "b's". i took both exams about 4 weeks apart. my next exam is in 2 weeks. i did use the ec study guides and my notes from traditional rn class and i also have an illustrated nclex book that i use. i urge anyone struggling to get this book and use it as a study guide. especially the test taking skills. i believe it worked, because it was fresh in my head and i knew what i needed to focus on. keep your head up!