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I am currently looking into getting my ADN through distance learning because I have been taking classes through a college close to home, but I am missing out on my family. I am confused as to which... Read More

  1. by   RNIAM
    Had anyone done their ADN to BSN through EC? How is it different? I also thought that you couldn't enroll in EC without your LPN is this true?
  2. by   justrubl
    Originally posted by RN2be
    I also thought that you couldn't enroll in EC without your LPN is this true?
    This is taken directly from, EC's website:

    "Admission to our program is open to:

    * Registered Nurses
    * Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses
    * Paramedics
    * Emergency Medical Technicians*
    * Military Service Corpsmen (certain classifications)**
    * Physicians
    * Naturopathic Doctors
    * Respiratory Therapists/Technicians
    * Respiratory Care Practitioners
    * Chiropractors
    * Physicians' Assistants
    * Licensed Psychiatric Technicians** (CA, AR, KS, and CO only)
    * Licensed, Certified, or Registered Lay Midwives**
    * Certified Surgical Technologists**
    * And others who have demonstrated experience or education in clinically oriented health care fields. See our Nursing Admission Policy page for detailed information.** "

    "Moore didn't change it's name to RUE. I had heard something similar once"
    I found out later that RUE was different that Moore but I thought they were the same until I found IStudySMart and realized they were Moore.

    I know people who go through the program without any study guides and people who use all the different ones. After reading the posts on this board I am beginning to wonder of the ones on other boards that rave about this guide or that are really employees from that company. I also know that Chancellor's guides, while they may give me the bare bones information I need to pass the tests, won't give me the information I need to be a responsible nurse. I am taking an initiative to get all the info I can on my own. I can tell you the big thing they use to sell their guides. They say that with their guides you don't need the books because they have all the info you need to pass right in their guides. To those who are wanting to get there quick it sounds like a dream come true. I DO want to get there as fast as I can BUT I want to make sure that once I GET THERE I am the best nurse I can be.
  3. by   Agnus
    I would just like to ad one point. It was suggested not to sign up until you have completed nearly all the exams.

    This was once valild advice. Still good advice for the non nursing exams. However, I believe (could be wrong) that you now HAVE to sign up after only one or two nursing exams are completed. You can no longer take all the written exams before signing up.

    Check with Excelsior to be safe on this one.
  4. by   Agnus
    Originally posted by RN2be
    Had anyone done their ADN to BSN through EC? How is it different? I also thought that you couldn't enroll in EC without your LPN is this true?
    I am working on the RN to BSN.

    The difference is the exams are different. Some with a very different focus: Research, Management , community and public health, etc.

    There are 3 performance exams.

    One is assessment,(at a regional test center)
    One is teaching (done at home, on video)
    One is a leadership project of your own design done at home
    Then there is a capstone exam that is referred to a performance exam done at one of the regional test centers. You watch a video and respond to questions about it as though you were the nurse in the video. This last one is rather comprehensive.
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  5. by   sunkitten
    I plan on enrolling in Excelsior...LPN to RN...but have a few questions:

    1. Has anyone run into problems getting a job with an Excelsior Degree? or is a nursing license a nursing license regardless of where you got it as long as you pass the NCLEX?

    2. I'm in VA...are there any Excelsior graduates around that would be willing to talk to me about enrolling?

    3. If you had it to do over again, would you go to Excelsior again, or someplace else?

    4. How long did it take you to get your degree? I have no core credits so will be starting from scratch (I am a licensed LPN, but my credits don't transfer since I went to a trade school). Since I need to take all the classes, I know it will take longer - do you think 15 to 18 months is unreasonable to expect?

    5. Any suggestions/help/encouragement?

    *grins* all comments, good and bad, needed to I can make an informed decision thanks!
  6. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by sunkitten
    I plan on enrolling in Excelsior...LPN to RN...but have a few questions:

    1. Excelsior grad take the same state board exam that all other grads will take and we are issued the same license as everybody else after passing. I have never been questioned about my degree by an employer, anyone familiar with the program will usually be impressed by the accomplishment.

    2. Im in NY.

    3. If I had to do it all over again (god forbid!!) I would choose the same route because it worked well for me.

    4. I too was an LPN without college credit. It took me five years from starting to receiving my RN license. I certainly could have been done sooner but studied and tested at my own pace while working full time. I took my general ed courses at comm. college as I didnt feel brave enough to "challenge" those courses. Honestly I feel that 15-18 months would be unreasonable and rushing thru a program like this isnt advisable. You have A+P and MICRO which could take a year or more. Some exams are harder than others and require more study time. I studied and prepared for CPNE for about 6 months.

    5. My suggestion would be that you can do this but its not a race to finish. Give yourself enough time for each exam and the almighty clinical at the end. Try to find a study partner online, it was great to have the support and encouragement along the way. Dont sign with a "publishing" company !!!!! Any and all materials needed can be gotten without the help of outside parties who want to take advatange of your situation and take your money too.

    Finally research the program itself and maybe take an exam PRIOR to enrolling- some people are not the independant type learners that you need to be to complete a program like this.
    Good luck in your quest to be an RN !! If you have any more questions and I can help please EM or PM me............

    deb RN Excelsior grad '01

  7. by   cswitzer
    My comment is short and simple. The publishing companies are like 'bookstores' to the college. They provide all the study materials that you need to study from in order to help you pass Excelsior's exams. I know for a fact that Chancellors does have client support staff and are very helpful when it comes to answering questions. They have a Client Connection which can put you in touch with other people in their program. There website also allows their clients to talk to each other on message boards.

    Yes, do your research because this is at-home and self-paced and you are on your own. However, you don't have to feel like you're alone.

    As far as ya'll know how much textbooks are? I was in college for a few years and they are expensive. Just do your research and follow your own heart. Getting opinions are great, but there's nothing better than to call around and check it out on your own.

  8. by   Coldfoot
    EC grads, ever try to transfer oversea's? Anyone know anything about Deaconess's online program?
  9. by   dbowens02
    I bought study guides from The college network...what a mistake.
  10. by   Doubledee
    Like many others, I was suckered by the really great marketing job Rue did. However, I lucked out. Because I had already completed a year at an ADN school, I had to apply directly to Regents (now Excelsior). I learned then that the free study guides were perfectly adequate. I saved a lot of money using the same texts I had already bought for ADN. I did buy materials for two exams when my references weren't organized the same way. Fortunately, one company was willing to sell what I needed rather than and ENTIRE package. But, as so many others have said, Do your homework and check out all your options.