Reputable online colleges?

  1. I've heard that some online colleges are just "degree mills". Can anyone tell me which ones are viewed by employers as being reputable? I'd like to get my BSN or certification in nursing informatics but due to time restrictions, online would be the only way I can do this.
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  3. by   Conqueror+
    Look into they have been around forever.
  4. by   Tweety
    Most colleges are in the business of giving out degrees, so I'm not sure about what you mean by "degree mills".

    I got mine at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, an NLN approved online RN to BSN program.

    Look for accreditations from the CCNE or NLN and you're fine.

    Moving to the Distance/Online forum since your question addresses that forum's topic.
  5. by   llg
    Definitely only go to a school that is either NLN or CCNE accredited. If you want to be on the safe side, I would also limit your search to schools that also have a well-established and well-respected "brick and mortar" nursing program as well. Most of the "diploma mills" are schools that are online only -- and employers are sometimes suspicious of the new programs that are not based upon (or affiliated with) an established program at an otherwise reputable university.

    It's not that the "online only" programs are necessarily bad or not reputable -- it's just that your future employers are more comfortable with programs that have a track record of success and positive long-established and well-earned reputation. When you see someone with a degree from a school you never heard of, you feel less comfortable than with someone whose degree comes from a school that is well-known and well-respected. With so many well-respected schools now offering online options, there is no need to gamble on an unknown.
  6. by   godsgir
    I have been shopping around. What online progrm is most approved of is Massachusetts
  7. by   nuberianne_RN
    Quote from godsgir
    I have been shopping around. What online progrm is most approved of is Massachusetts
    If you are already an RN you need to choose a school that fits your personal preference. State nursing boards regulate school programs that lead up to a person getting a license (RN or LPN). Moving beyond licensure into getting a BSN or MSN has nothing to do with them. However, some employers may be a bit picky.

    If you are not an RN yet, then you need to contact the nursing board in Massachusetts directly for more info on acceptable online programs.
  8. by   godsgir
    thank you