Question About Logistics of Online Courses

  1. Im planning to take A&P from Eudukan beginning in January. I have a question about the Logistics. Can you access the site from any computer. For example, if I am at work and would like to do some classwork on my lunch hour, can I do it from my computer at work. This may seem like a silly question but this will be my first online class and Im just not exactly sure what to expect. I would love to hear from some veterans on the logistics of the process. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    I can access my classes from any computer. I carry the web address in my wallet. But I'm not with Eudukan.
  4. by   sunnyjohn
    As long as your work doesn't block the site or have some strict firewall, you should be okay.

    I'd check it out beforehand
  5. by   LanaBanana
    With Edukan, yes you can access the site from anywhere. However, you must install a small free program (Examguard) on any computer you want to use to take a quiz/exam. It downloads and installs very fast. Also, the A&P lab software can only be installed on one computer so you want to decide what computer you will be able to do that on. I put it on my laptop so I could have it anywhere I went (word from the wise though - when you're working on the reproductive unit, it's not very socially acceptable to be looking at a disection of genitalia! I was doing this unit on an airplane and didn't even think about it until the old lady next to me started giving me dirty looks. I took that opportunity to explain to her how her body worked!)
    Back to the question at hand can access the syllabus, discussion boards, and journal where you post your homework from any computer. Good luck!