Please help! Need online Statistics & Human Growth

  1. I have been looking everywhere for "statistics" and "human growth & Development" OR Developmental psych. ...something that runs the whole life span.... for summer I 2009...

    Ive tried Clovis, and a few others and am getting desperate

    Anyone know of any?
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  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    I'm taking them during the fall, but check out - Stats is Mat 135 and HG&D is Psy 235. There isn't a 1 or 2 session, just a 10wk summer one. Hope that helps!
  4. by   maepartner
    Thanks sand dollar...I forgot to mention that I really need the human growth, or developmental psychology that doesnt have a prerequisite of basic psychology, (Im starting NP proggy in the fall and need it fast) and i tell ya, there just isnt any out there that arent already full. i DID check the CLEP test practice but that looks iffy for me.

    Thanks for your help though
  5. by   mdp0105
    my friend is taking a few pre-reqs at, the classes start whenever you register and you have one year to finish. i think you can take the psych without general psych first. they have the syllabus right with the descriptions.
  6. by   maepartner
    Thanks mdp, but they don't offer the human growth one. The course has to span the time from birth to death....thanks anyway though, it seems like a great deal for most ppl. and not hugely expensive.
  7. by   afox
    Have you tried any local community colleges? I'm taking it online through my community college this summer and there is no pre-req. This may be easier than trying to find one online from somewhere like kaplan or other strictly online schools. The only thing that could be a problem is that most schools have already started their summer registration and online classes fill up in minutes. If you have a little bit of flexibility maybe a local community college offers it in the class room, those dont tend to fill up as quickly.

    hope that helps! good luck!
  8. by   maepartner
    Thanks afox, local cc's are filled , at least the ones with no prereq. but i am working with a prof at lsc, Lake Superior College, she has an online course that is full but she will waitlist me and is confident i will get in...and the college is considering opening an additional one, in case anyone is looking for one. The recommend but don;t require prereq.... thanks again
  9. by   afox
    glad to hear. i know how stressfull getting into classes can be. good luck