Passed EC NC1

  1. Finally got my 1st test out of the way, I was stressed about taking a college course with no traditonal lectures and all self-guided studying. It is so hard to know what EC wants on the test. I will say the new EC practice exams were very helpful along with Lisa Arends CD's off of e-bay, and of course the Yahoo! groups. I now know how to study and what to study, I plan on passing NC2-7 over the next 4 months and get registered for the CPNE. I have a BS in Biology so I only have to two other courses to get the AS degree.

    I will say that my 8 years experience/knowledge in EMS as a paramedic has paid of emmensily.

    Well off to study for NC2, I wish all GL on there journey through excelsior, I think it is a great non-traditonal way to get better for your self in life without totally disrupting your life, especially when you have a family

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  3. by   The Limey
    Congratulations! And good luck with the others.
  4. by   EricJRN
    Good job! Keep it up!
  5. by   Eager2bRN
    Great job!!! Congrats!!!
  6. by   donsterRN

    We're neighbors; I'm in Chemung County...
  7. by   1979blazer
    I have heard people talking about Lisa Arends cd off ebay but I cannot find it. Any tips? Thanks
  8. by   NurseEllis
    don3218 - which hospital you at?

    1979blazer - [color=#8a8a8a]

    that link should take you right to them

  9. by   1979blazer
    Thanks! So do you think that is it worth buying?? I have College network's nooks but i have heard alot of people talking about lisa Arends cd. Let me know what you think? Thanks!!
  10. by   donsterRN
    Quote from medicellis
    don3218 - which hospital you at?

    1979blazer - [color=#8a8a8a]

    that link should take you right to them

    i go to school at corning cc

    clinicals at arnot.
  11. by   NurseEllis
    One of the Paramedics that works with me at Union Ambulance went to the Arnot/Ogdon program, is a pretty good hospital from what I hear. Nice to hear from someone local!

  12. by   NurseEllis
    1979Blazer, I really do like the Lisa Arends CD's, very well organized. I have used them along with Dr. Freys audio lectures and that along with the reading has helped me narrow my study habits down. My suggestion, buy just one of them the NC3 CD for 9.99 see if you like them. If you do she always has the others up 24/7 from what I see
  13. by   Boston-RN
    Hey there,

    I have passed NC1,3,4,5,6 with a combination of her notes, the practice tests (which I feel are WELL worth the money) and either a TCN guide (nc4 & 6) or the Saunders NCLEX-RN guide and I've gotten 1 B and the rest A's. Like Chris said, they're very well organized and really just get to the meat of what you need. I have found there are some things that are not covered in too much detail but you'll never get a hundred percent on everything without reading every page of every chapter that is recommended.

    The notes have saved me a tremendous amount of time.

    Good Luck to you.
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  14. by   1979blazer
    Thanks so much for the reply, it is making me motivated! I am still very nervous about taking the NC1 exam. I am hoping to take it in about 2-3 weeks!!